Having image upside down when using HDMI?

Since we know about limitations in HDMI/USB-C but also that some other things are working there like color corrections and others, does having image upside down for using PPM ceiling mounted works? I know that vertical keystone works so I can have PPM the normal way and just point down and have image auto corrected but that will lose quality of the image for sure.

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Well,at least hardware-wise the DLP controller can display upside-down so if it doesn’t already work that would be a simple firmware fix, but I assume this is already implemented this way. Anyone with a PPM tested this?

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Yes there is an option to flip the image for upside down ceiling mounting. I believe it is called ceiling front in the picture options.

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Makes sense. Have you tried enabling it with an HDMI video source by any chance?

This is how I have it set up. HDMI feed from a Roku device and image flipped on a ceiling mount. Basic video adjustments can be made with an external source like this.


Most excellent, then @vzhivkov’s use case is covered and we know that the DLPC is handling that part, thanks for confirming!

Here is a link to my Facebook post with images which shows how mine is installed. https://tinyurl.com/uqxkeos