HDMI 4 Corner Correction

Hi Philips,
if you have “pushed” your supplier, why didn’t they react? Don’t you have contracts and a requirement enginerring process? If so, do you get compensated for the missing feature? Why didn’t you order new PCBs with the advertised feature set (I’m reffering tp the 4 Corner Correction, not HDMI -> Bluetooth)?
You can sell the “old” ones discounted, or as a stripped down version. As you, and your team probably know already, 4CC is not support by the most “sources”, so it is worthless to give this advice.
Maybe you should provide a list of “sources” which are able to do 4CC.
Can you recommend free software for Windows Users?

Just read the Update another time:
You changed the PCB to have Bluetooth 5 ? Why didn’t you add the required modifications for the HDMI 4 corner correction?

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Any comments on this? I’m especially interessted in the sources list and windows software recomendations as your colleagues mentioned that the correction should be done at the source or did they refer to move the projector?


Hello MrWhy!
1: because all PCBAs were already done and we didn’t want to delay again
2: 4CC is for internal content, each and every app, wireless screen mirroring
3: for BT: we changed it at the beginning of the project
4: for windows: what do you want to do with it?

@Philips_Support_N thanks for answering this question!

  1. I’d be happy to wait for it :wink:
  2. That’s the thing. Unfortunately the projector did not get the GMC and therefore no PlayStore. So we have to trust, that you will update the apps beyond the 2 years. Otherwise we cannot use it with the apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube etc. because they get outdated and then we are left behind with a projector which is only usable through HDMI / USB-C
  3. Ah ok, it was announced in the latest update.
  4. 4 CC of course. As you or a coworker stated back on indigogo, we should do the 4CC at the source. So the question is, do you have software recomendations for this, and do you have a list of devices which are capable of doing 4CC, so we can work around this limitation?

Thank you!

2 -> Or are you going to OpenSource the firmware and the build process?


I made a post suggesting them developing a simple software for windows. Maybe they will do it if there is enough demand :smiley:

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Yes, the comment “do so from the source” is a joke…


A software for windows that does perspective correction at a system level, including media, acceleration and all, is entirely non trivial, and probably rather hardware specific.

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no you would simulate another monitor in software… and do the adjustment on that simulated monitor which is mirrored to projector…

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I had a quick look at this, and atm I think it isn’t that easy. Windows 10 has virtual desktops but there is nearly no API for it.
Unfortunately I haven’t found anything to start with. I thought maybe it is possible to create a WPF wrapper for selected windows. Then one might be able to select a window which should be distorted in the way you would calibrate the window. But then, i guess you will loose quite a lot of resolution and it’s probably not that easy to apply it fullscreen.


It’s possible to have a simulated display driver, then windows will handle it as a second display and in fact it feeds to the software to apply distortion and maybe even things such as wall color correction then output it to hdmi (not sure how to achieve the hdmi part of it but im sure everything in the first part has been done before)

Yep, I thought this way, too, but if you have a simulated display, it is that, a simulated display. But afaik you can’t forward a simulated display to a real one (HDMI).

I wouldn’t say it is impossible, but it is some work to do on this.
And that’s the reason why I’m asking on recomendations, because Philips played the “change it on your source” - ball.

For Mac, we have this kind of software :

Extract explanations from the website :
The simple “keystone” adjustment on video projectors can fix vertical alignment problems, but sometimes I project video in odd places that require horizontal keystoning, diagonal keystoning, or even multi-point distortion (especially for corner projection).

Multi-Point Keystone Video Player is a tool I made for these special situations. It combines a movie player and an “extreme keystoning” engine. QuickTime movies play in a continuous loop and you “pin” each corner to an arbitrary location via the mouse. You can add more than 2 “pins” in each axis (as shown in the screenshot) to project into corners or multi-faceted objects.

Maybe it exists for Windows too.


OSX is also able to do it out of the box for the whole displaying content. Unfortunately it isn’t really intuitive, but it works.
Afaik it is also natively possible on linux with some “config file magic”.
But that’s for those, who are confident with the command line.
My initial intention was to get some software and hardware recomendations for those, who aren’t familiar with this stuff and are “just” users. As 4CC (for all sources) was a key feature and a usp of this device.

Awesome find @LLG

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It is a bit disappointing that the “angle and corner correction” were advertised but it was not mentioned that it would work only internally. I thought it would work on hdmi and it was one of the feature that sold it to me.
I used my old projector with hdmi and now use the PPM with a chromecast as i found it more stable for casting screen, though i lose the image correction

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