HDMI / 4K issues

I’ve used multiple new HDMI cables but can’t seem to move beyond 1080p or SDR 4K.

I am connected to an Anthem 1120 receiver and also Apple TV 4K.

These are still working fine to my current projector in terms of 4K, but when I connect the Screeneo, this doesn’t allow 4K HDR, Dolby Vision etc.

Any advice please?

Here’s an example of some of the leads Ive purchased for this:

Hello, please go to the IMAGE settings in the projector and change the EDID to 2.1

Where do I find the IMAGE settings?

I see Picture Settings and other options but do not see a specific one called “IMAGE” and have not found anything called EDID either.

Please can you walk me through this.

Just to follow up my last message, in UK “Image” is called “Picture” settings.

The HDMI leads in both the projector and Anthem receiver are in the eARC HDMI.

I cannot see anything called EDID and anything else I select does not have a 2.1 option to select.

Hi @manutd123 do you still have that question? I had the same challenge a while ago, but was able to solve it, as there is a guide how to setup 2.1. Depending on your language setting on the U5 you will find that access to that setting easier or more difficult.