HDMI input lag measured!

I’m using the Leo Bodnar LagTester and the input lag of PPM is 37.8ms. Not too bad I guess.

Test condition:

  • FW:1.0.25.
  • Out of box settings.
  • Plugged in, unplugged.
  • Front projection, rear projection.
  • Normal mode, energy saving mode.
    All settings above yield same result of 37.8ms.
    (Do let me know if you have any specific settings in mind to test input lag, I can do it)

As mentioned here Testing Method for Input Lag Database | DisplayLag

  • Excellent: Range: 0-20ms
  • Great: Range: 21-41ms
  • Okay: Range: 42-62ms
  • Bad: Range: 63ms+

I think it’s the same measurement by the french reviewer.
It is indeed enough for gaming. I’ve already tried and it’s very playable.
I don’t do competitive games so I’m not sure how tolerable it is.with those.

I guess this is a result of having the HDMI/typeC directly connected to the hardware instead of passing through Android.

I’ve spent the day playing competitive pvp through hdmi. No issues at all.