HDMI input while using bluetooth speakers on Nintendo switch

Does anybody know of a workaround for the limitation of the bluetooth sound using HDMI source?
I bought some edifier s3000pro’s with the grand plan to plug my Nintendo switch in via hdmi, and connect to unobtrusive speakers across the room via bluetooth…

I’m thinking something like a bluetooth dongle plugged into the headphone port of the switch might work? Or would that still have an unacceptable delay?

I’m not 100% sure now, but I think the only workaround here is via headphone jack, because the PPM will only connect to bluetooth when the source of the picture/movie is from PPM itself.

And there will always be a lag that can’t be compensated. But with good quality speakers the lag should be pretty low. Specially if your BT dongle has aptX LL or similar.

Great! I’m going to try the ‘homespot adapter’ - aptx LL, bluetooth 5. USB-C connection to the switch.
I’ll update on how well it works.