HDR10 is there or was a gimmick?

Hi Will you please tell us when you are going to enable HDR 10? Can we expect it in the next update.??

I’m genuinely curious which part of the processing chain that will dither HDR10 signals before delivery into the DLPC/FPGA 24-bit “panel” interface. Maybe the V56 can do that, in that case the EDID data should indicate the capability to accept 30bpp data. If the V56 can’t the only other way is to dither internally in the SoC and then we’re only talking internal sources, not USB-C video or HDMI (unless those sources dither themselves).


I also assume that not much can be expected for HDR10, if only because 4 pixels are multiplexed by a micromirror. The timing window is very short.

Like all the other advanced features, it’ll be the second, only available internally. They finally conceded during the campaign that HDR would be internal only, although that could have been referring to HDMI 1.4, which doesn’t support HDCP 2.2. Keep expectations zero.


The time to modulate each pixel is cut to a quarter yes, but they can still produce 8-bit red/green/blue out of each of the four sub-pixels as I have understood it. Further dithering will have to happen in the temporal domain, each subsequent (full) frame will have a different 24-bit value.

The HDR part is IMHO a moot point in a projector like this though, the black level and contrast needs to be a lot better for HDR to make a difference (also you need a very dark room).

HDR was mentioned as a feature during the campaign though.

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Yep, agreed. It’s pointless to shove more than 8bpp at this thing as it cannot possibly display more in a single frame anyway. External devices could potentially dither themselves (just like the SoC has to do for internal sources), but I haven’t seen anything like that in the wild.

Aye, it was mentioned, and as we can see from the keystone correction debates, it makes a difference whether it can be used externally. HDR is also a connectivity factor. If it’s not supported on input, you can’t use any devices that don’t tone map.


You’re absolutely right, I completely forgot about tone mapping!

I’m also waiting for this feature to work as was mentioned on the description of the product. At this time I’m a little disapointed.

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