Help from customer support after confirming that I should proceed with the replacement process


On November 16th, I emailed to ask about issues with my picopix max not displaying video. They replied with troubleshooting steps, and I send them a reply with the results of my troubleshooting process.

On November 24th, they sent me a form to fill in which was intended to be used to coordinate a return/pickup. I have submitted this, and have received no response from Screeneo support since, and my picopix max has not been picked up or sent for replacement/repair/refund.

The URL for my support ticket ( returns an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, and after emailing twice requesting a status update, I receive no response.

Is there some way I can follow up? My ticket number is 31468.

Hi @nick_mueller41
Sorry for that. I have just followed up your ticket.

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Thank you so much!

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it took 2 months with me until i got a replacement voucher for backsending the ooo device. lets see how long the repair/replacement itself takes :slight_smile:

Yes kind of nightmarish! The logistics is clearly not setup properly…

It’s been over 2 months since I started the process and today I just received a pickup schedule.

No idea how long it is going to take to repair or process, no idea when this will be decided, no tracking :-/

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I am trying to start a topic “what would be a good user experience for return or replacement”
But seems that new topics are disabled… :thinking:

Hi @Marctux, sorry for the delays from our end. We had to change the service provider and overall now we are changing the process. Unfortunately, there was lack of communication from the previous provider and it caused the delays. Apologies again. As for your replacement process - to speed it up we will not wait for the repair or full technical check up, we will send you a new unit from Amazon US. But we will wait for the return to reach the warehouse.
Thank you for the suggestion of a new topic, but what is crucial for us is to have a reliable partner and delivery service.

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Hi @Marctux new topics are not disabled, but you may need a bit more activity on the forum to make new topics. This is a default setup to prevent spam.


Thanks for the thorough feedback @PhilipsKristina. I will update the thread I created last week to centralize the info.

As for me, my PPM was received by you guys yesterday - looking forward to have the new one through amazon then, should be a breeze with the logistics!

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@PhilipsKristina would you mind taking a look at my support case as well? I reported my unit defective in the end of October, filed a return request mid December, but have had no response since then.

Also, I hope you can ensure we do not have to pay import taxes, as this is a replacement unit; not something with added value.

My ticket number is: 30953

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Thanks @Marctux the replacements will be sent soon to you, once it is sent, I will provide you with the information!

hi @havardfjaer! Indeed there were delays from our side. We have prepared a shipping label for you yesterday, and it will be sent to you with the instructions enclosed. It was a little bit complicated to organize pick up from Norway, apologies for that again!
As for shipping a replacement - we will ship DDP, no worries about that.

Hi @PhilipsKristina , and thank you for following up.

I prompty got the e-mail with the shipping label and instructions.

The instructions asked me to sign three copies of an attached invoice. However, I could not find any invoice attached, so I replied back asking for the missing invoice. After five days, I still have not heard back - so I wonder if you could have a look and check where things have halted?

Thanks again,

Hi @havardfjaer ! I have just responded to you via our ticketing system. Apologies, the agent made a mistake by sending you DHL instructions, but we are picking up your projector with UPS. The shipping label should be enough.

Hi @PhilipsKristina , I got the mail about shipping with UPS instead - but this time the attachment with the shipping label is missing.

@havardfjaer This is the original one sent to you with DHL instructions. I have resent it to you :slight_smile:

I am also having the same issue where I filled out the form and everything went silent including responses via email.

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Hi @iMikeY , I will follow up with our logistic partner, Cooper General. Thanks!

I got an email from Cooper General to ship my projector out to them 2 weeks ago . The provided a shipping label, but they didn’t provide the commercial invoice (!). I reached out to them asking for it, but they never got back to me even to this day!

I got fed up and filled out the commercial invoice myself with the help of Fedex.

In any case, I can see Cooper General received my package on the 3rd, but I haven’t heard of anything since. Can you follow up and let me know on the status of my projector?

Hi @directhit203, regarding you replacement unit for you - our warehouse is preparing a shipment for you. Unfortunately, we were out of stock before. So I guess today/tomorrow we will be able to update you with the tracking number.
Thanks for letting us know about Cooper General, we have just started working with them and the feedback is very much appreciated. I will check it up with them why they never responded. Sorry for that experience.