Hi if the projector lamp lifetime run out

With the huge amount of time I spend watching movies and playing nitendo switch on picopix max… I think lamp will not last more than 3 years… How do I get a lamp replacement by then? N roughly how much it will cost?

The projector uses multiple LED:s, not a lamp. I don’t think you would be able to replace the LED:s, at least not using normal consumer resources, but they have a long lifespan. Normal expected life for LED tends to be from 10000 to 50000 hours. Marketing for this projector claims we can expect about 30000 hours.

A year has 8760 hours. You presumably spend some of those hours doing other things, such as sleeping and eating. The time you can spend with your projector light on should be significantly less.

LED:s age faster at elevated temperature. If you are worried that your LED lightsource will grow dim too soon, try to ensure the projector has an adequate supply of cool air. Also, use normal or energy-saving mode when possible, avoid presentation mode.

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So if next time led lightsource dimmed or spoilt… I would have to throw away picopix max and change a new projector and not able to replace new led? Or I can bring it to Philip service centre to replace new led…

Within warranty of course it will be repaired or exchanged. Out of warranty on your own cost.

FYI Philips has been making led and pico projectors for a decade. These led light sources don’t go dim through normal usage. I’ve not seen anyone asking for LED replacement before, except if it’s obviously faulty like red color not working. The usual wisdom of lamp projectors doesn’t apply.


How long is picopix max warranty?

By the time these LEDs die, you’ll want a newer projector that can also handle 16K Holographic projection. :wink:

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Hi @Starlight84,

As said in the FAQ here :

« Is there a warranty?
The warranty is 24 months from the date of reception. »

If you watch ppm 8 hours a day every day, your ppm led can last at least 10 years. That is even at 26,880 hours. Typical claim of led lifespan is about 30,000 hours. So it will last more than 10 years.

So before or by the time your led expires, you already can buy new projector.

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The projector will probably last longer than your Nintendo switch.

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