Hitting Home twice should switch back away from home screen to make picture-in-picture go fullscreen again

In 1.0.25, when playing back video with Amazon Prime Video, if you hit Home, the video playback switches to a picture-in-picture window. However there doesn’t seem to be any way to switch the video back to fullscreen playback mode from the remote (you have to reach for the touchpad to move the mouse cursor oven the video thumbnail, and tap twice to first minimize and then maximize the video).

Hitting the Home button on the control should alternately switch to the home screen, and then back to the previous application, so that fullscreen playback can resume. Hitting Home twice would then switch away from a video and then back to the video again.

Have you tried using the mouse mode on the remote to do the same thing?

That button didn’t work, but ah, there is a Bluetooth pairing step that is not documented in the packaging. Thanks, the mouse function on the remote does work the same way as the touchpad on the projector.


Glad it helped!