How do I prevent the PPX from charging a device connected via USB-C (VIDEO)

I have not found a topic for this

Is there a way to turn off charging via USB-C Video In?

For me, the pico is empty so quickly that it makes no sense


You mean it charges a device attached to it via USB-C (VIDEO), and that’s what you want to turn off?

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Any ideas @Philips_Support_P on how to prevent the PPX620 from charging a device connected via USB-C (VIDEO)?

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My use case is:

If I wanted to watch a football game with the Pico in the park, it might work if it didn’t load. But definitely not when the smartphone is charging.

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If a better workaround cannot be found, you could use an HDMI adapter cable for your smartphone.


Yes, that’s my work around at the moment

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Do we have any news on a software update that could address this?

This is of concern to me in the sense of using my Switch connected to the PPM via USB-C - the Switch is known to have a less than standard implementation of the USB-C PD specification and I couldn’t find details on the spec/implementation of the video USB-C port on the PPM.
This deviation means depending on the power output on the USB-C video port, there might be a danger to the Switch (I’m not sure but knowing this don’t want to risk it).

It also wouldn’t be useful to drain the PPM battery when using two devices with their own batteries (PPM and Switch/PPM and phone etc.)

I think the implementation has to be on the device connected and not in PPM. On my HTC 10, I get a few options when connecting for video out. I don’t remember though if there’s an option to not charge in any direction because I remember, you can only choose to charge PPM from phone or charge the phone from PPM.

A good selection of options in PPM, if this can be implemented would be:

  1. Do charge connected device
  2. Do not charge connected device
  3. Charge connected device only when PPM is plugged in and battery of PPM is full