How do we scroll when watching 360 videos on YouTube

When watching YouTube 360 videos on phone or computer, we are able to change our views with swapping the screen or by holding the left button on the mouse. I couldn’t do that on the touchpad on PicoPix or with the remote. Is there a way to do it? Is it possible?

Hey, sorry I don’t have the PPM yet to try, but did you try with a remote keyboard app on your phone?

Could you post a link to one such video, I’ll have a look.
Did you pair your remote and are using it as a mouse? That should work I think…

No it doesn’t work, I even tried using a regular mouse,
Now don’t judge me she actually has some good content and knows what she is on about :joy:

You’re using the internal SYoutube app?
Maybe Smart Youtube can’t handle 360 videos.

Does the official youtube TV app support 360 videos? because it it does then it should work in Smart Youtube TV as well

The official YouTube app does support 360°. I just checked on my phone… Weird video btw…

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I think he was asking if the official YouTube app on Android tv’ support 360 videos not the phone app

Ah gotcha, don’t have on of those… The app from the Google play store on my phone sure works though. Maybe the Google tv is the same?

Yes it works on the iPhone as well, but it’s easy on a phone just swipe left or right to change angles so is on a pc by dragging a mouse but most tvs don’t have a mouse so the tv app may not have support for it, but I too don’t have a smart tv running android to confirm

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Yes I’m talking about the TV app. The TV app is basically an HTML5 site which you can be accessed on a browser although not anymore, I think, since Google may have blocked it already. So in theory, if it works on the official one, it should work in Smart Youtube. Anyway, I’ll maybe try it in my firestick when I get the time.


I don’t know about the remote keyboard app on phone. Which is the app you are referring to and how to use?