How does this button work?

How does this button on the remote works?

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Hello , you can use it when APP is compatible. Then you can see a blue circle and deplace it with the arrow direction of the remote

Press once to activate the mouse cursor then press again to simulate a click like a mouse.
You can also use it like a touch for apps that are more designed for touchscreen. Like for example, click and hold on a blank surface and drag to scroll contents.

Press any of the arrow buttons to hide the cursor.

It works only after you paired your Airmote, see pairing airmote

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Does the Airmote have a gyro for the mouse cursor or do you move it around using the arrow keys?

It has gyro or whatever sensor that is. It works like LG’s remote.

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Hi @Andrej_Mioc it’s not clear from your picture which button you mean, can you point it out? :smile:

Please see this post for more info: How to pair the AirMote?