How many aussie backers in total?

How many backers from Australia in total? Are we all getting it together?

Unsure how many Aussie backers, but I only backed the PPM on the 25th Jan 2020 and my backer ID is 20,5xx… I feel like I won’t see my PPM until October seeing people in the single thousands still not receiving their.

I am sneakily hoping by some miracle Philips has to send a set number of PPm’s down under to fill a container/transport space and mine is allocated from some of the spare ones… I can dream can’t I!

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They did mention in another post about Australia that they have prepared between 500 to 700 boxes for Australia which is a bit different to the standard box as we get a 4th adapter for the AU plug. They are ready to ship as soon as DHL commence work again on Feb 8th after Chinese New Year. I imagine this won’t cover all Aussie orders but I am hopeful I am OK as I am in the 5xxx range.

Hello, Australia: 791 as of yesterday
NZ: 110


Well if you’re able to organise 901 projectors to fly out to AU/NZ on the 8th, we’ll all be eternally grateful. Haha

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The factory is opening on 9th according to the Chinese regulation and Coronavirus.
But we will ship you guys first


What about those of us in Europe who should have received them but backers after us received them instead by accident, surely we’re first in line?

Everyone is in the same situation as they are shipping by regions first, then backer numbers. The A/NZ Group were advised of shipment to the region in very early January. I’m sure there are plans for a second EU shipment soon.

Hmmmm… I wonder if I am included in the 791 from Australia as of yesterday… I assume so being it was stated “as of yesterday”

Now I wonder if they arranged 901 to be sent out…

Man I’m going to feel pretty bad (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)if I get my PPM within weeks of ordering it!

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I backed the project in November, I’m wondering the same thing.

What if there are backers in Australia with lower backer numbers? Surely they deserve those first?

I’m involved in logistics, simple fact is that if Phillips shipped each unit, individually, to each person based on their backer number you’d be paying more then $100 more per unit, and, probably more importantly, Phillips would be relinquishing almost all control over the shipment/tracking causing unfathomable chaos.

Can you imagine individually managing 15,000 different shipments?

So we have to wait a little, go for a walk, play with your kids, play a team sport tonight and have a drink with a friend… surely everyone who can afford a purely luxury item like this have more important things in their life to go and enjoy.

I’m Not trying to flame everyone up, but really, put it in perspective. First world problems

If there is a European backer who legitimately NEEDS their PPM, like, you have a child, who is terminal, and you want to brighten their day by playing Pixar movies on their hospital curtain then let me know and I will personally send you mine and pay for postage, if I get mine before you, I don’t need it as much as you. Heck, it would give me immense pleasure to know I could brighten your day if you are in a situation like this. It’s a $1000 portable projector, my life will be just fine without it for another couple months.


100% agree with you @myminirocks! We are dealing with way too many tragedies down under with bushfires and the lot that not receiving a PPM anytime soon isn’t the end of the world.

Thanks Mark, I was waiting for the hate. Yeah Each to their own, everyone is dealing with their own challenges, and good dose of retail/techno therapy is great for anyone, but some of the comments that have been going on around this little projector… anyone would think Phillips are holding back the release of a Corona Virus vaccine with some malevolent Intent. It’s a projector, Hey @PhilipsNono, take mine and give it to the backer that is giving you the biggest headache, that will improve 3 people’s day, yours, theirs and mine for knowing I helped you out. Then send me one once you’ve ironed the bugs out. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You probably will get the last tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha, you’ll probably get mine since I ordered in Aus as I was going home for Christmas but have now become the sole backer in Laos. I have a feeling that I’ll now be closer to the end of the list. Oh well! I’ll keep going on as I did before I saw the campaign and look forward to the day I get to try it. The meantime, I’m compiling a great list of what to watch first :wink:

I used to work in Travel, and when airlines lost passenger baggage, they would arrange for the baggage to be couriered to the pax hotel, but by the time it got there, the pax had moved on to their next destination, so of course the airline would send it on to the next hotel, only to find once again they had moved on.

In my decade in travel, there were quite a few times the baggage followed the pax all round the world, just 1 day late all the way till they got home.

I hope your PPM doesn’t do the same!

Pax=passenger in travel speak.

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Thanks Myminirocks,

Due to COVID-19, I did have to relocate back to my home country, where all units had just been delivered :roll_eyes::laughing:

So my unit is still somewhere in manufacturing and finally after a battle to change my address (whereby I missed 2nd Aussie shipment), I’m still somewhere on the list of PicoMax to be sent.

It’ll be lovely when I get it, hopefully I don’t top it all off with a defect product (keeping my fingers crossed).

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