How to do a complete shut down?

It seems to make no difference if I use the remote or the power button on the unit to switch it off, its just not actually off but on standby or sleep as on a pc, cause if I hit the power button on the remote it will switch back on again, though there are always delays with the remote, but after about 2 days without using it remote turn on doesn’t seem to work any more and I had to use the power button on the back to turn it on again, so I want to know why and how or how long does it take for it to totally power off and totally shut down, is there a shut down method I’m not aware of?

Hi @ThunderStrk it may simply have been because the remote was not pointed at (the back of) the projector. When it’s off, only the infrared sensor is active.

There’s no special hidden off mode (except maybe if the battery totally runs down to zero).

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Could be but I have managed to turn it on with the remote and didn’t need to point it at the back of the unit, either way it still means the unit hasn’t totally shut down if the infrared sensor is still active, I think it would be good to be able to totally shut it down so the only way to switch it back on is to press and hold the power button on the back, that way it should prevent any battery discharge when not in use as well as eliminate any chance of accidentally turning it on.

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Ok just tested again tonight and I can confirm I was able to switch it on with the remote and not pointing it to the back of the unit with no way of even seeing the infrared sensor, so that also confirms even bluetooth functionality is still active in this so called OFF shut down state.

Does it do that even when the IR emitter on the remote is completely covered?

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Good idea, I have just tried blocking both the emitter on the remote as well as the receiver on the unit, so I was wrong wasn’t able to switch it on like this, that means the infrared pick up is better than I expected