How to download an app?

Hope it is not a stupid question, I can’t find the way to download my favourite app into my picopix. anyone can help?

The Aptoid app allows for downloading apps.

Additionally, you can side load an app if you have the .apk file. Just copy it on a USB stick and use the File Manager to install it. Or you can also directly download it on the projector using the browser.

Which app are you trying to download?

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I installed the Telegram on both my phone and ppm. So I could get the apk and install it without USB. (Just pity that the speed of uploading apk to TG is very slow…)

@Zoe also wondering what apps are worth to install

are you referring to the aptoide TV app which is pre installed?
sorry I am iOS person, i am not familiar with android environment

I thought I should look for sth like “Google play store” app as I was sucked at Firefox, as the resolution is too low to read and type :face_vomiting:
according to your reply, let me go back to Firefox

I am from Hong Kong who wants to download a local media entertainment app :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Just download the apk?

I am a big fan of X-plore file manager for browsing network drives, moving files to different devices, and opening files in built in or third party app players.

I also enjoy using Kodi media center on Android. For example, playing all videos in order from a channel is easier with Kodi plugins vs native YouTube app.

I put in a feature request to allow us to approve the permissions that KDE connect App would need to function, as I think that would be awesome for controlling the PPM using an Android phone!

Not sure what else will be useful for consuming media in the PPM, but I’ll update here if I find anything else.

@Philips_Support_P How do I download Disney + on my PPM?

Impossible for the moment. You have to cast from your phone.

Hey guys, the app is not present in the aptoide store, but I found you can download the apk and try to install it. Not sure if it’ll work cause I don’t have the ppm but I’ve done this on xgimi h1 with other apps.


Hello haven’t got my pico yet so just trying to understand all the issues ext. Can you side load the Google play store app and use it to download apps ?


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Currently it is limited to side loading APK or aptoide store. I have seen a user that was able to sideload gms, but that involved reflashing the device etc, so currently not easy to do.

I’d guess there are plenty of people here who don’t have experience with Android so no need to apologise. Philips should really have provided a guide to Android in their user manual as they push the PPM as an Apple-centric product.

Here is a link to a page which tells you about how to obtain and install .apk files which is the Android way to distribute apps (outside of the Google Play Store or the Aptoid store):

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Hi guys
I downloaded an app but get a message that it can’t play unless the device is google play certified. Is there any solution/ workaround?

Cheers Mike

Hi Mike,

Sadly that has to do with GMS certification. Philip’s is working on trying to get it, but there is no ETA.

As it did not have google play, I found the apk file of certain apps on the Internet and installed through USB drive. However, some apps could not recognize PPM was in landscape mode and it presented as “protrait” mode in which it rotated at 90 degrees. Was this a bug and could be fixed in PPM firmware update?

Hi @monsterayt

Can you give some examples ?
If you go to the “hidden Android menu”, haven’t you got the ability to correct it ?