How to simulate long press?

@PhilipsEngineering, @wernerj, is there any way to simulate long press on the ppm? For example, to long press in browser to open in a new tab?

Very good question, does it work they way you expect if you hook up a USB or BT mouse and long-press? I’m not sure if the BT part of the airmote is a standard BT HID or if there’s translation going on.

@wernerj, @PhilipsNono, @PhilipsEngineering I’ve tried a Logitech BT mouse and right clicking doesn’t work either. I’m not sure of the technical implementation, but in Android, i believe a long press should simulate a right mouse click.

When you long press the mouse button on the Philips remote, it works as a long press, but…
…not in all apps.

For example in “Total Commander” when you long press the mouse button, it gives you a submenu.

I guess not all apps are optimized for long press.

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My main concern is usage in a browser. Right now, i can only browse one link at a time.