Ideas for making this forum "attractive"


It seems that I only frequent this forum for either a shipping update, or a snippet of road map information.

Posts surrounding products that are perfect for the PPM, or great use case examples, peoples cool case setups for example, seem a lot fewer, almost gone IMO.

As Philips/Screeneo retract further from the product to newer projects (which is evident and inevitable) do you guys have some ideas on how to keep this forum alive?

Or is the wider opinion, is that its actually flourishing?


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Thought so.

I can’t post new topics this forum anymore. Everything seems to have gone quiet. No news about any software update nor anything pertaining to the projectors already out there. .:face_with_monocle:

Yeah it’s dead. I’m going to delete my account here, it’s pretty pointless unless you want somewhere to discuss the woeful shipping.

@PhilipsIvo - can you deactivate my account? I can’t see the option in account preferences.