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Now i had time for testing the ppx. I want to share here some great things i found out and as well the bad things too. Im from germany so sry for my english skills but i think most of you will understand me^^

Lets start…

The Quality is not that what i was thinking about. Pixels are ok. I can aim in gta5 much better then on my asus b1m beamer. This ppx is full hd but fast movement in the picture are really laggy or with pess performance. How ever for its tiny size the picture quality is enough for me.

Apps: Now the great info! I was scared about what will be possible but i can tell you. Almost everything!!

The best things still now are…

  1. Install teamviewer host and the addon on the ppx. Then install teamviewer on your mobile phone and register. Now you can control the ppx with your phone!!

  2. Install a ftp client on your android and the ppx. Then its easy to send apk or other data to the ppx. I got the es file explorer pro on my android where i activate ftp and on the ppx i access with a ftp client.

  3. Install ymusic. Its the best app in android for music but you can tin on the video as well :slight_smile: background play is possible! I asked alot to the first owners of the ppx to test it but they was too intelligent for that.

  4. You can install an acticity lauchcher app. Then its possible to rename the ppx in DLNA, Miracast too and you can access to every setting. But be carefull i acidently resetted it in a chinese test menü^^

  5. If you got a ps4 dont connect the ds4 conteoller to the ppx. It will freeze. The best way to play outside with your ps4 is to buy pstreamer (10euro) on android or r-play in ios, connect your phone with usbc and there you go! The quality is with the ps4 slim 720p. But its amazing! On ps4 pro you can stream with 1080p. If you want to play outside you should have a setup which can turn on your ps4 and your upload on your internet connection should be 10mbit. My setup is, i got a broadlink rm pro. I learned the infrared to it from my cec compatible monitor. And ive configured a makro. So i can turn on my ps4 with my tv if im outside^^

  6. If you want to install a emulator like snes, n64 and so on its a good idea to connect the controller with cable. But you should turn of that the ppx trys to send audio teough the usb port in the developer settings. Turning on the dev settings is like on any android decice :slight_smile:

  7. If you install microsoft remote desktop and connect a bluetooth mouse and keyboard you can access your pc but reading something is not a good idea. The quality of the ppx is ok for videos but not reading.

  8. Did you ever hear something about the app vmos? Ive tested it. You can install a fully working android (5) in the ppx ^^ i actually dont know for what ill need it but its possible xD

  9. If you connect a samsung phone (s8 and better) it supports samsung dex!

I think i will find more things in future. Ill post it here.

Wishes for future…

  1. I hope the devs can make it possible that picture in picture works in hdmi or usbc input. So we can play gta and watch something :smiley:

  2. Possibility to configure that the software keyboard disapears if a external keyboard is connected. There is an option but it changes nothing.

  3. Splitscreen apps with hdmi support.

I taked a f… long time for shipment. I think i will never do the same again. But the ppx lets my tecnical heart shine ^^ i just hope there will be more feautures in feauture like using the ppx like an external speaker with turned of lamp :wink:


Great post! Would you consider making some videos related to this post? Such as how to install TeamViewer as a means to remotely control the PPM?

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Philips Picopix Max Group Owners Öffentliche Gruppe | Facebook talks about Teamviewer, I’ve asked the poster to post it to Youtube and write a little how-to on our forum, but he hasn’t done so yet I think…

Thx :slight_smile:

If i will finish the project “what is possible in the ppx” i can try to upload the apk files and do a short how to.

Hmm ive found some other infos.

If you play a youtube video and move the airmouse of the remote, the video laggy extremly!

If you install the app taskbar you can configure a pc like taskbar and its possible to open apps after adb grand permissions in multiwindow. But it isnt possible to add widgets on it. If the devs can make it possible, the ppx is like a real android phone ^^

How to install teamviewer and control the ppx:

  1. Search teamviewer in aptoide and download the teamviewer host app
  2. Download the teamviewer remote control app on your Smartphone or pc.
  3. Create an teamviewer account, which is for private use (commercial use isnt for free).
  4. Log in into bouth apps with your account.
  5. While logging in to the host app you will receive a email you need to authorize.

Now you should see the ppx in your devices in the teamviewer remote control app on your Smartphone or pc. There you go!

Teamviewer got 3 types of apps.

  1. Remote controll - here you just can controll pcs, tablets, other Smartphones and everything where the host or qs app of teamviewer is installable.
  2. Teamviewer host app - the host app makes it possible to remote controll decices without granting access or enter credentials.
  3. Teamviewer QS - the Quick Support ab is like the host app but it will need a ID and a passwort every time when you will connect. In normal case, if you want to help your grandma with Smartphone issues (like me^^) you can use the host app as well. But if you try to help a friend the qs app is the better way.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: