Image corrupted - dead pixels - lines across the screen

Hi all,

I’m here looking for some tech support info.

I received my PicoPix Max today and unfortunately ran into a problem straight away. The unit worked fine for about 30 mins of configuring and then suddenly it the image got these big black and white vertical lines in it. The image also occasionally goes completely black and white and distorted. (see attached images) In these cases touching the unit right between the Philips and PicoPix Max texts on top of the machine causes the images to flicker and distort further. Restarting the machine returns the image back to the one with the vertical lines.

To me it sounds like that the image processing chip is damaged or not functioning properly for some reason.

I sent an email and a description of the problem to but wasn’t sure if they’re the right people for the job. So if someone here knows how to fix the issue and/or who else to contact about it, I’d appreciate the input.

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Sorry for replying to my own post, but here’s a second pic of the problem described. Also, the big black line in the middle is a closet door. Please ignore. :slight_smile:

Trust me, that’s the least of your issues!

Please resend your mail to as I do not see it in our ticket system yet.

Hi IvoG,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve resent it. Please let me know if it doesn’t show up again. My picture attachements might be way too big to go through.

Link to this post instead? :bulb:

I did get a request received reply with a case number. So it should have gone through. Will link to this if I need to send it again.

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I have just received my PPM today but when I turned on, White and black pixel lines started appearing crossing the screen of the projector, I have already update the projector software and it’s looks works fine, but those pixel lines doesn’t disappear.

Please help guys!

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Please send an email to regarding this issue.

I received the picopix max weeks ago.
I tried it for half a day and everything was ok.
I stored it in his bag in vertical and didn’t touch it due to overwork and family matter.
I have finally had some time to play again with it.
First thing I did was to check for upgrade. I tried to upgrade it from the projector through wifi. The download was ok but the projector didn’t reboot and didn’t install the new sofware. I tried it twice, reboot the picopix max manually inbetween then some purple vertical lines appeared. it was odd, reboot it again then all the projection had vertical lines and image was doubled.

So I tried a local upgrade, had to try it twice before the picopix reboot and install the new software version. I thought an upgrade would fix it, but it did not…

any thoughts about it?

Seems like a faulty unit. Please writo to, explain the case and attach the pictures.

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Hi Guys!

A week ago, I had Send the email to and filled the return form using the Ticket ID: 24246 , but I haven’t had any response since then, there is something else that I need to do?

Please let me know quick as possible if I need do anything else or I’m missing something,

So I used 2 times my pico, and now I have screen problem…

I have the same problem, 7 vertical lines in the screen. any solution? Thanks

JorgeLMM any response about your Request?

sergimussullsagasteg yes! in fact I have already received a replacement, there is not a software trouble or update, those are dead pixels and the projector must be replaced, please contact the support service to get a ticket and start the process