image ratio with automatic keystone and HDMI

With HDMI source and keystone correction image ratio is not what it should be, image is taller than it should. Circles are ellipses, people thinner than they should etc.

Since screen adjustments do not work with external sources, this can not be corrected if the source has no over- / underscan correction.

I wish I had noticed this while I still could have refunded the item, but it’s long gone now. Probably unrepairable with software updates.

It sounds like a problem from your source, not from the ppm.

The aspect ratio of the source connected is probably 4:3
Try to set it to 16:9

This is truly a problem with ppm. It actually also occurs natively, but there is a setting to correct ratio within android, but it does not apply to external source. So internally it is nearly as it should be, externally not so. Source ratio is correct, it’s not even nearly that far off, it’s quite exactly 16:10. You can see this in image attachment, the white area in screen is spot on 16:9. No source attached, so it can’t be source. If you look carefully, you can see that the circle is actually projected as ellipse.

Image adjustments limited to native os is wrong way to do things. I don’t actually understand why settings limitations is hw issue, as Philips has stated, when auto keystone is anyway done in sw, but I’m not an expert, so we don’t need to go there, I can easily accept that I don’t understand.

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