Indiegogo Update 18

Update 18

Communication, Shipping, Updates!

Dear All backers,

Onward & Upward in 2020!

We are so thrilled to have built an amazing product & an even more incredible community in 2019. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store with you by our side. Without you, we couldn’t have made this incredible device.


After internal discussions, we have decided to open a new platform for transparent, clear and open conversations. This forum based website will help all backers and future customers to ask questions, raise comments, find the information they need but also for backers to help each other. We know that you need to be deeply involved in this product development and shipping, and we have decided to aggregate all information there. Emails and Indiegogo comment section are not a good fit for backers to search for information and ask technical questions.

From now on, we will feed this platform with all FAQ and our customer+technical team will help you there. We are also counting on our best backers to help others. Some of you will be moderator and will receive a free extra PicoPix Max for their help! (we will come back to you on this)

The address will be closed after we answered all comments within few days (don’t worry we received it and our team needs some time to asnwer all emails).

For any refund, the is still live.

All the knowledge databases, FAQ and comments are now being transfered here: PICOPIX MAX COMMUNITY

Don’t forget to register there to be part of the community and post! You can even register with Facebook.

In order to be consistent we will need your help to only ask technical questions there, we won’t be able to answer questions on Indiegogo, Telegram, Facebook … Let’s share everything in one platform for a better and easy communication. Let’s include everyone in our adventures.

For sure, we will also post new videos, pictures and comments there. Important udpated will be posted on the Community and on Indiegogo


Our team is deeply sorry about the current shipping schedule and would like to again appologize. To be more transparent, here are the reasons:

  • at Philips, we have tough requirements and processes but unfortunately, our supplier is working hard to match the quality we demand and you expect. we have full confidence in our suppliers but they need some time to achieve it. For eg our QC always rejects because of appearance issues. The painting and finish we chose are gorgeous but also very hard to do, with a pretty low yield rate (Electric painting + 3 layers UV painting)

  • We had pretty tough conversation with Texas Instruments and the Light Engine Supplier as they increased the price of the engine at last moment. We needed to deal with the light engine shortage and cost

  • Thanks to Google team, we obtained Widevine L1 certification in 1 month instead of 3

  • We changed the PCB to get Bluetooth 5

  • Issues with Autofocus function are coming from the Light Engine suppliers and we finally found the root of the problem: not enough glue and shipping issues

  • We are now adding a second assembly fatory in order to fit our demands in terms of quality and delivery. Unfortunately, Chinese New Year is coming, a lot of workers already left and we are pushing everyday the production. We will be able to ship around 2-3K product before the 25th and then restart 2 weeks after with the new factory, with better assembly rate!


4-corners correction over HDMI: The 4-corner correction is set to only work when engaging with internal content (from apps, via USB and wireless screen mirroring). All content played via Android will be corrected as well as content coming from your smartphone/tablet/computer if wireless screen mirroring is used. If you want to adjust the image, do so from the source. Vertical keystone is automatic though. The connection of HDMI/USB-C are going directly to the video chip. only vertical keystone is active. but 4-corner is done in Android software so HDMI/USB-Cwill never get it. sorry about it.

HDMI and Bluetooth: We received confirmation from our engineers that if a source is connected to HDMI or USB-C, the sound can’t be forwarded to Bluetooth (to avoid audio lag). Your Apple TV, FireStick, BlueRay player or other sources will be able to connect directly to Bluetooth speakers or even 5.1 receivers (with ARC). This is the best way to play audio via Bluetooth when using external devices. Only external devices can properly apply Bluetooth audio delay compensation.

1.0.25 firmware udpate

We are currently testing this new update bringing:

  • New Netflix app in Full HD: please don’t udpate it

  • New Youtube App, with account login

  • New image Sharpness adjustment is available (set it to zero for nearly pixel-perfect output)

  • Image color enhancements

  • Solving Wi-Fi issues and Bluetooth interface issues

  • Optimize remote Control

  • Optimize Touch pad

We should be able to release this new update at the end of the week.

Need to get in touch, issues?

  • Again please use only the new forum here: PICOPIX MAX COMMUNITY to post technical issues or questions. We won’t answer anymore questions on Indiegogo

  • BackerKit, sales, or other issues (except estimated time of delivery): Indiegogo comments aren’t organized enough for our technical or sales teams to follow up on bugs/sales/BackerKit questions.

  • Backers having hardware issues with their current product will be exchanged for free: we are now working on the shipping/exchange process

Again, from all the team, we are thanking you for your support.

With gratitude,
The Philips PicoPix Max Team