INFO: About wired video output on Apple devices

Yes, PicoPix Max is completely Apple ready: you can connect whichever wired video cable your Apple device supports to the PicoPix Max, and it will work. Please read the notes below carefully, it describes the limitations of wired video output.

Lightning-to-USB-C cable will not work for video

This cable does not support video output. More info

This is not a problem of PicoPix Max. iPhones don’t support USB-C video. iPad Pro with built-in USB-C port supports it, but the cable included with the iPad Pro may not work for video, it’s for charging only. The cable included with PicoPix supports both charging + video.

Our recommendations

For iPhones, iPad, iPad mini the best way is to use Lightning-to-HDMI adapter. iPhones do not support wired video output using any other method* to any other device.

(*Lightning-to-VGA adapter is available but PicoPix doesn’t have a VGA input. There’s a USB-based “service mode” video output supported by iPhones but this is a restricted protocol that is not recommended to be used.)

For iPad Pro, please use a USB-C video cable (“high speed USB-C cable”). The cable included with PicoPix Max works great for this.

For portable Macs with USB-C port, included USB-C cable will work fine.
For other Macs with HDMI, please use a standard HDMI cable.

To clarify, these are the requirements of the Apple devices, not of PicoPix Max.