Infos about Firmware 1.2

I have heard that a new firmware is on the way. It might already be available for Beta Testers.

In Indiegogo there is a comment from 2020-10-27:

Hello backers!
We are launching now the V1.2 of our software, first to Beta testers and then to the public. It should take 1 week or 10 days to get all the feedbacks we need and then release it!

What is in it? Can we share some info here?

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What is in it? Can we share some info here?

It’s been mentioned, but is not available yet for Beta testers, so we don’t know yet.

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What is not available for the Beta testers? The Firmware update?
I see here a link to it

Or did you mean the mentioned features/fixes that are not available?

Your link says that the page is restricted. Maybe the info is only for Beta Testers.

That is exactly what it was said here. It’s a beta release, available for beta testers.

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The new OS version is not yet out for beta testers. What you’re linking to is the new launcher, it’s not a new OS version.

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I stand corrected! Mea culpa!

So according to this post from @PhilipsNono the firmware update 1.2 was already sent out to the beta-tester, and this post is 7 days old.

Are there any news regarding this firmware update yet?

any news? is the one with image adjustments on screen whilst you are watching the program. really infuriating keep going into settings to adjust brightness, contrast etc


100% agree with you on that one.

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There’s no beta yet despite the comment in that thread. The only new update released in the beta group ten days ago was the new launcher app with the info that it will be part of the upcoming OS update. The only internal comment on this was “The beta should be available together with Launcher 1.5 soon.” However, there’s only been the launcher app so far. This did not include any new update for the OS.


I think 20 days ago they said it would be 2 weeks away… I think they’ll get to it right after they count the ballots in Nevada.


any update on the new Firmware 1.2?

There is now a beta version available for beta testers.

Is it a decent step forward, or bug fixing?

As far as I’ve read there is still no major change. My wish was that there would be an overlay to change settings without having to go back to the home screen


I think the major thing is the 4 corner correction which has a new UI and an additional :“corner” to adjust so that it won’t be distorted anymore.

Any news about this?


I am not sure if this has been discussed, but really at this point, things should be raised directly to Philips, vs a forum that is sometimes monitored by Screeneo resources. Almost EVERYTHING has been dropped by them along with the promises at the beginning and during the campaign. It feels like as soon as 90% of orders had been shipped they dropped everything else like a sack of rocks. Maybe Philips doesn’t care either, but at least it’s the next escalation path considering Screeneo really isn’t putting in the effort anymore.