Instructions and documents for returning PPM for replacement?

Replacement reason: PPX620 RED/BLUE BLINKING LED

I filled out the “Return Request Form” as instructed by “”.

On the “Return Request Form”, I also filled out “preferred pick-up date”.
The DHL guy showed up today to pick-up my PPM and was asking for proper documents to ship/return the PPM, which I haven’t received yet from Philips/Screeneo.

What type of paper work or documents do I need to ship/return my PPM via DHL for a replacement?
And, when can I receive the instructions and documents for returning/shipping my PPM for a replacement?

Support Ticket #: Request #24369
Backer ID: 15583826​
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DHL called me yesterday too and They arranged a pickup for sunday.
They also didn’t mentioned any documents .

Snir, sincerely hope you have better luck than me. This is getting stressful. :dizzy_face:

[Update July 9, 2020]

Just received an email from support, saying that there was a misunderstanding with DHL and Support is currently preparing my return shipping label.

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Ok so the DHL guy was here, and guess what ?

He didn’t pick it up ! You want to know why ?

Because it contains battery, and im not allowed to send battery contained parcels.

And im wondering what the hell ? You arranged that pick up and you didnt mentioned that the package contains battery ?!?! Im waiting 2 weeks for the pickup and now hes saying that he cant take it because no one mentioned to DHL that it contains battery.

This is literally a joke ! Im waiting 2 weeks for nothing and now i have to wait another 2 or more week, and another 1 month for the replacement!!! This is totaly a joke.