Internet not connected

Internet says connected but is not connected.
I’ve had it a few weeks now and i get frustrated so stop playing with it but i could do with this fixing.
I’ve connected by wi fi search and putting the wireless key and password but still no joy what have I got wrong ?

More info required, as much as possible

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I have an iinet modem and the wifi picks up the modem signal and it says connected but when I try netflix or firefox there is no connection.
I have tried putting in the network name and wireless key again says connected but when I try an app it has no internet connection.
I do have a Norton VPN on my laptop. but the fetch box connected to the tv works. I did do the first update through a memory stick. do you need anymore info?
Cheers Maggott

I have the same issue with the wifi internet. It shows wifi connected but none of the apps is connected to the wifi.

@Philips_Support_P @Philips_Support_N can you help please? Thanks