iPhone, iOS and the PPM

I started posting about my issues on other topics but there needs to be a general iPhone and PPM topic IMO.

I backed this device because of all the messaging that this would work with my iPhone. So far, I am unable to stream any content from my iPhone to the PPM other than a simple screen mirror to see my iPhone’s screen, photos, etc. No apps will play any shows or movies to the PPM.

I understand that this may change with time but it is NOT what I was told going into it. I was basically lied to. And that feeling sucks. My wife asked me yesterday how much money I spent on this “piece of junk”… That sucks…

So - @philips team - what are you all doing about integrating with iOS, iPhones and when can we expect the PPM to work with the iPhone?

I am new to this type of tech so if I missed something or if I am doing something wrong, please let me know if there is a way to use my iPhone with the PPM.




I’m finding the same exact thing. I can mirror my iPhone and iPad screen, but “casting” any video to the PPM seems impossible. It appears to me that the iOS device recognizes the PPM and attempts to cast to it, but I never get a picture. Some apps give audio, but never video; just a blank screen.

I mentioned in another topic that if I plug in my old ChromeCast (to the PPM’s HDMI port), I can stream video from iPad/iPhone and it seems to work well. But that defeats one of the main purposes of this projector for me; easy iOS integration.

Overall, I really like the PPM. I just hope this issue gets resolved in the near future since it was a major selling point for me.


Hello, which content are you trying to cast/mirror ?

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Netflix, Apple TV+, HBO GO, Prime Video, the security cameras at my office.

I understand some of these apps have apps I can find from the app store on the device but to that type or response I’d say, “so what”…

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For me, it is the AT&T TV app (WatchTV I think), Yahoo Sports, Disney Plus. I understand that Disney Plus may not work due to DRM. However, the WatchTV and Yahoo Sports apps cast fine to a ChromeCast dongle. I didn’t try the Disney Plus app to ChromeCast yet.

There is a Yahoo Sports app in the store, but it does not work. I mentioned that in another post as well. It tries to load in portrait mode; the blue background shows up and the “Yahoo Sport” logo is rotated 90 degrees CCW. After a second or two, it kicks me out back to the main PPM menu.

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guys, we remind you that netflix, HBO, Hulu and all other protected content are not working if you use the wireless screen mirroring. Youtube works
Those apps can be directly installed on the projector itself.

After HDMI limitations, Airplay is my last hope. If this also remains broken and not smooth, I guess this will be the end of my hopes.

@OcD @Rfepatrick Did you try to play something from youtube via Airplay ?

Youtube is working for Airplay for sure

I think that you need to provide more content on this for those not familiar with android. I am googling my way through this and it should be more native. A help file or How to Use site for the PPM. If it exists, please share a link.

Either way - we backed this:

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@Philips_Support_N Is it safe to assume for any non DRM stream without audio/video lag?

For sure your can screen mirror your iphone with HDMI/USB-C and via Airplay . but content from some apps are protected in wireless mode.
For eg: you can screen mirror your iPhone with HDMI adapter and play NEtflix over a wired connection
Let me do a quick video now

I am just concerned about a good non-laggy Airplay performance and possible Airplay2 support in an update since I plan to do a wireless setup over airplay for video and audio (airplay2 supported speaker). I am okay with DRM issues. Hopefully they are well tested by the time I receive my ppm.

here is a video for Netflix using the HDMI cable


@Philips_Support_N its via HDMI(wired), can you please share a video over Airplay/wireless?

Via Wireless/Airplay all protected content are not working except Youtube.
Do you want to see it?

@Philips_Support_N yes please, if possible with audio. thanks!

I tried last night via USB-C to my iPhone. The PPM started charging my iPhone but I couldn’t get the content from Apple TV+ to play in the PPM while plugged in via USB-C. I have not tried via HDMI - I don’t own the cable.

If USB-C to iPhone works, please show how. All I got was a yellow screen.

Thank you!

excellent - share same with USB-C please and try another app like Apple TV+.

yes because Apple is making 2 kind of USB-C cable: USB-C to Lightning: only to charge, there is no video wires inside. And another one more expensive, USB-C to USB-C, for Video+ Charge.
If you want to use USB-C, you need to buy a special one with video wires inside.

here is the video for Youtube Cast and Screen Mirroring. Video is a bit lagging on the PicoPix cause we are on the 3G router… When you use Youtube Cast, your phone is sending a link to our projector to play. When using screen mirroring, it’s recording the entire screen.

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