Is battery bypass supported in PPM One?

PPM One has an above-average battery life in comparison to its competition but it falls a bit short depending on the scenario.

I ´m always on normal mode. Once it´s fully charged, can I rely only on AC power without fear of battery overheating or spending charging cycles?


The original PPM was supposed to have it but there are many cases where the battery expanded. I’m one of them and I always just plug it in so not sure if battery bypass really work on their portable projectors.

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Thanks for your input, I hope mine doesn´t explode! :sweat_smile:

I did a test yesterday, with White Led on (fully charged) and bypass seems to work. Even I noticed a slight decrease in noise during some idle time.

After one hour or so, the device was only warm, whereas anytime I plug in the AC adapter to squeeze more runtime the fan noise was more prominent and PPM´s surface hotter as expected.

As Phrashant suggested in a similar thread, I should give it a full recharge once a month, at least, to keep the juices flowing.