Is film-camera-grain-like visual noise normal on this projector or is my unit weird?

This is most visible when projecting darker scenes. At first I assumed it’s intentional and a stylistic choice generated by my HDMI video source (PS4). But yesterday I played a video clip from the projector’s internal android app and the granular visual noise was very clearly visible when black was supposed to be projected (while the same video played on my laptop doesn’t have that.

Is that something to be expected from this projection technology or is my unit faulty in some way?

Hi @KubaFYI this is normal and present on all units. It’s an artefact from the video processing chip. It’s most pronounced when you’re projecting a relatively small image. On large “projector-sized” images this is less apparent.

Is this the V56 chip or part of the DLPC? If it’s the V56 can’t this behavior be disabled (without having to completely rewrite the V56 firmware)?

The V56 should be able to perform a straight HDMI to parallel RGB video conversion to feed into the DLPC/FPGA without having to add all that dither noise (signal processing isn’t one of M* strengths, so the less processing the better). Their idea of “sharpening” is absolutely horrible. Unfortunately their idea of documentation is equally bad so I haven’t gotten very far trying to convince an alternate firmware to run.

Is the V56 firmware upgradeable from the Rockchip SoC or are we stuck having to update it through the V56 UART and/or direct SPI flash chip access? I’ll assume that it’s NOT possible to update the complete firmware for now. It seems unlikely that it would happen over the I2C interface.


I’ve only ever used the projector to project an image 2.5 meters across, and it’s been bad, so I can only imagine how bad it is on smaller ones then. This is a real letdown, because those artifacts are clearly visible and affect the quality of the viewing experience.