Is it possible to get a refund - this thing is useless

I hate to ask this, but can someone from Philips advise if it’s possible to get a refund on this item?

I’ve given it time, went through multiple software updates and it remains as useless as the day I bought it. Hasn’t once proven useful when I’ve tried to use it.

Final straw was this evening when trying to give my daughter a treat and attempting to project Sesame Street onto our 120” elite screens portable projector screen, on the back garden patio, in plenty shade as the sun went down.

All we managed was an image that was impossible to have focus effectively, or even really see to any extent, even in presentation mode, which puts it to full brightness. This was while plugged into mains power, so not limited to battery powered performance either.

Left with a disappointed child and yet more frustration at the shear incompetence of this product, in every aspect of its very limited purpose… How a company the size of Philips manages to mess this up as badly as this, is beyond me!

Please, PLEASE refund me for this catastrophic failure!!


Hi @Martin.Brand sorry that your experience hasn’t been the best.

If your projector is still within the 30 day return window, please contact or create a new ticket at to request a return and refund.

On the topic of brightness, 120" is too big to enjoy outdoors in the evening with a portable projector. You need around 40 ft L for evening-time viewing, for which the optimal screen size is around 55":

For home theatre or dark conditions you need 10 to 16 ft L, so you can go up to 90 - 100" at night time. I use it on two walls of 120" and 180" though and it’s still enjoyable if the lights are off.


As mentioned in my email response, to which I’ve had no reply;

“I guess I’m out of luck then as I couldn’t really do much of anything with it for more than the first 30days due to the software… So my patience with the software updates has cost me the opportunity to gain a refund…?

Is the standard of this projector really up to that of Philips???”

To be clear, it didn’t matter how close we got to the screen, the image remained useless. The apps never work, HULU has remained entirely useless as you cannot progress beyond a screen that says your location is required, to which you grant approval but it doesn’t do anything.

Does anyone actually have any positive experience with this expensive paperweight?

Best Regards,

Hi @Martin.Brand this sounds like a defective unit, it can be exchanged with another one at no cost.

How do I go about doing this?

To initiate a return request, please contact support either by email or via (top right corner of page).