Is it possible to install the Flex IPTV App or Smart IPTV app

Hi there,
I saw that there are a lot of IPTV’s Apps but no one worked for me, so I wanted to know if it’s possible that you install the Flex IPTV App or the Smart IPTV App Picture below of the icon of this App and links.

Flex IPTV App

Or this App its called Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV App

It would be great to get more informations about my request to you.

Best regards,

Claude Brosius

Actually I was wrong the app I’ve got installed is IPTV Smarters

Hi Claude,

I did install IPTV Smarters, Perfect Player and Kodi, and they all work for me.

What is the issue you’re having with these apps?

How to use them depends on how your IPTV provides your access details. Do you have a IP, user and pass, a M3U list or a xlmtv address?



I have already installed those Apps on my smart tv and also on another beamer and there it works well with Smart IPTV app…But the app you linked didn’t work for me…
It has to be M3U list and also a xlmtv adress… There is the user and password in the long link that I have to put on…

This App didn’t work for me, because it’s a special way to install all this from my IPTV provider… Therefore I was asking if somebody of the philips PicoPix Team could do something out to help me.

Hi again Claude,

I know what you mean, IPTV Smarters asks for IP, user and password, so it won’t work for xlmtv address.

I was able to get those along with the xlmtv address from my IPTV service.

I do use M3U and Xlmtv address with Perfect Player (I use for both, the channels and EPG). It works quite well for me, in Android and FireStick.

Another option is to use GSE Smart IPTV, it takes xlmtv as well.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,


I will try but it seems that the Smart IPTV was on the store on PICOPIX Max