Is it the CTV Gem app (Canada) or the PPM?


I’m in Canada and installed the CTV Gem app and it seems to do four things that are frustrating me. I don’t know if it’s the app or the PPM, so if someone could please let me know, that would be great! Here are the things:

  1. At every commercial, halfway through, the sound continues and the video stops, and then it seems the PPM has disconnected from the wifi and needs to reconnect, which can take 5 minutes, or I can go to the home page and return again and it triggers the reconnection.

  2. About 3 or 4 times within 20 minutes of a show, it glitches and goes back to, not the PPM’s homepage, but the CTV app’s homepage. I can click on the back button and the show will resume from where I left off.

  3. Once in a blue moon, it glitches and all of a sudden I’m staring at an Asian woman with her hair blowing all around with a pink, blue, and silver background. Is this a bug? I reinstalled it 2 days ago and haven’t seen it yet, but then I’ve reinstalled it before and it came back. The positive, is the image looks great! Ha ha!

  4. When using other apps, and they glitch like in number 2 above, they go to the CTV app’s homepage!

With all this happening, it can take a long time to watch a show.

I have reset everything, reinstalling 1.0.25 and resetting my wifi and bluetooth multiple-multiple times (I’ve had it for many weeks now), and that’s not fixing it. I have done system optimizations, but nope, it continues.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

In case anyone else was wondering. At this time, I have a newer version and all I experience is it simply freezing during commercials and I’m forced to go back to the homepage and start the app all over again, multiple times sometimes (if I am patient enough).

I found many statements about it doing all that I’ve listed, so I have to conclude it’s the app. I hope they fix it. A company with that many resources should be able to do better. In the meantime, if I’m in the middle of a show and it won’t continue, I just do Airplay with my mac and put up with the lower quality image.

Hope that helps someone!