Is PPM good enough to be sold outside Indiegogo?

cpu seems weak to me because same H.265 are presented flawlessly by my 6 years old LG TV not by PPM (230 mbit wifi speed test)
User interface why 3rd row icons is not visible and gotta scroll down ?
And why you move the air remote up the config menu appear and how to scroll down with remote ? keep attention where to click to scroll down otherwise an app will start :stuck_out_tongue: . Why the ‘ok’ button doesn’t work using remote ? too bad my LG TV air remote works perfectly with the big OK button and so other TVs in the world :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: there’s some work to do with the UI no doubts, obiouvsly i can workaround everything with available but seems messy to me. Cheeeers


Looks like Xgimi are bringing out a new Portable Projector Mogo Pro+
XGIMI MoGo Pro+ , Good Time in Your Hand - YouTube

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That’s sort of what I was hoping the picopix would be…

I think in order to be a viable product, they should not have bothered with built in streaming unless they intended to make it powerful enough and compatible with the Play store. I know the Play store issue was out of their hands thanks to Google’s policies as to what products they will allow to access it.

As a standalone projector, it is a good product when paired with any external streaming device. Most people carry phones that are more than capable streaming devices so the internal one is not really needed. Perhaps Phillips should reconsider the current design and just remove the built in streaming components to save on production/software updating costs and lower the price of the projector. In hind sight, it might have made more sense to partner with a company like Roku and integrate their tech like they do with TVs. Imagine how well this would sell if it was called a PicoPix Roku? If a Roku can fit inside a compact streaming stick, it could have been built into the PicoPix Max and would have solved a lot of issues that the users are facing w/o putting the burden on Phillips to keep the streaming software updated on a regular basis.

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Id be interested to know who has bought one outside of IGG.

When you search on Amazon it doesnt show in the UK, although I have seen it for sale before.

James I like the fact you are trying to think out of the box but there are a couple of reasons why they couldn’t go this route.

The 4 corner correction, Bluetooth and other options are only available via the onboard software because they are routed through the main board and Android Software. If they removed android from the PPM and made it a dumb projector you loose a bunch of the features that made this appealing to a lot of people and don’t differentiate that much from what was currently on the market.

As for Roku. I agree they needed a better software setup and there is still room for improvement in what they currently have. My usage is fine as I just go straight into Plex and play off my personal server so haven’t had an issue.

With Roku, even if Phillips has a licensing agreement with them it might not apply to Screeneo who is the actual builder of the projector and licenses with Phillips for the brand name. So it’s not as simple as saying hey let’s just use Roku instead.

They would have been better suited to push as hard as possible for Android TV. While the apps are limited and and the UI is a bit different it would have been a better experience than what they currently have and Aptoide.

@Sponnie I did. I backed the project in 2019, but asked for a refund during the running campaign after a lot of questions were not or only insufficiently answered by the Screeneo team.

I bought and tested the projector and returned it to Amazon after seeing what the current state of software (and hardware) really meant - luckily German legislation nets us a law that provides two weeks of time to withdraw from most contracts sealed via the internet or other telecommunication means.

Sadly, in its current state, the projector is not nearly worth the 899€ they are asking for on Amazon (there are still a lot of devices available on the German Amazon site).

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A product so expensive and with so many issues will be a disaster and they lose a lot of money.

Impossibility to connect it via USB-c, Bluetooth, wifi,
a remote that works only directly in the front or in the back
A battery that lasts a maximum of 2h
A forum where a moderator got angry and says you insult them as soon as a critic arrives.

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Hi davy, thx for the quote but that’s exactly the point no?

Not really, once it is paired via Bluetooth you can point the remote to where ever you want.

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Even for turning it on and off?

Not at all. The hardware is somewhat ok, but the software story is simply terrible. Playback is often jerky, even plain old 1080p footage can be choppy with certain apps of via the web browser. Downloading applications is a mess, with random experiences and random compatibility. Loads of problems updating apps and OS. 4-corner keystone makes everything slow. It’s all about the software.

Off yes but once the PPMax is off, infrared is needed to switch it on until the Bluetooth connection is established again.

That’s the thing I don’t understand, and a lot of people complained about: afaik infrared receivers also consume energy in idle state, if I understood the technology correctly. Why not just leave the Bluetooth receiver inside the projector run continously in lower power mode (BLE), at least as long as it’s connected to the power grid?

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I’ve had mine for around 5 months. I love it, streams well for me, works with my Bluetooth speakers, connects well to WiFi etc. I also have a good collection of streaming apps that I rely upon, including Australian-specific ones, which is quite a feat!

The issue with it being mainstream and scaling is the interface. Finding APKs online and loading them via USB (and a bit of trial and error too) would create too many issues in a mainstream market for mine.

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