Is there an auto focus button on the projector itself?

Is there any button I can hold down to get auto focused instead of using the remote?

If you move the main body a little, the focus will automatically operate and it will focus


Oh I see, thank you! And I guess to adjust focus manually on the projector itself. I need go into settings

A bit annoying there is no option on the projector to trigger auto focus

There is: just pick it up making sure it shakes lightly, and then put it back down.

That’s a hack. Not a solution.

At least try to develop one and add it to the documentation.
I don’t know, like holding volume up & down in same time.

This little things, like not having arrow keys, makes me doubt any user testing has been done.

You asked for an option on the projector to trigger auto focus. Introducing some motion in the form of shaking is just that: a trigger for the autofocus.

We already have a suggestion thread for a method to do so in other ways than the motion sensor or remote control triggers, why not submit your vote there?:

The testing was done on the features present, not on features they did not think about themseleves or implemented yet. But they did this campaign to get interested parties involved and come up with ideas and tests of their own. Your input is valuable so please keep it coming! :+1:t4: