Issue with the Airmote/Remote

Looks like we have the same issue

This problem of mine apparently got fixed with last update, automatic connecting has worked fine since.

Otherwise I do not think that combining messages of different kind of problems with AirMote in single thread is wise. This thread is a mess because of multitude of problems.

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is there any way to turn ON the projector using the remote connected via bluetooth? due to how i did position the projector, IR receiver is pretty “covered” by the wall. maybe some kind of deep sleep in projector software could make this work? just like Apple tv works


Hi Guys, I have an issue with my Airmote as well, so it works perfect on IR, but I cannot find it as Bluetooth device. I tried with PPM and with my laptop without any result. Can someone advise me, what I doing wrong please

hold OK and volume down until it blinks, pair the projector with the remote, it takes 20 seconds at most, i just did it and it works

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cheers I appreciate it. Everything works now

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Hello, my airmote bluetooth keeps disconnecting each time i turn on the projector. I would have to go in to the settings and reconnect it every time. However all other bluetooth devices, such as speakers connect automatically on start up. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

Hi @wheeloftime try replacing the batteries first, could be simply low battery.

I have tried doing this with a new set if batteries but have the same problem. Each time i restart the device I have to connect the remote again.