Issues with Screeneo S4 (+issues on the last software)


The support doesn’t give solutions although all attemps, in facebook all posts are deleted. After detected and reported this problems:

Loose sound seeing a movie
Loose sound going back in a program in TVBOX
unable to update some factory apps
Unable to use chrome Cast or other way
Now another one, everytime we want to use the the disney+ app, we have to install it again

Until now no support by philips

So help please…

Hello Sir,
1: Lose sound seeing a movie: from an internal app or external from HDMI?
2: What is a TVBOX?
3: which apps?
4: With which device are you trying to use Miracast or Airplay?
5: Disney+ is not developed by Philips, this issue should be checked with Disney as we are not preloading this app.

Hello Sir,
1: Lose sound seeing a movie: from an internal app or external from HDMI?
From HDMI, this is reported by others users in internet, in this and other Philips Models.

2: What is a TVBOX?
Cisco ISB2201

3: which apps?
Smart Youtube for example, if you try you will see the same error…

4: With which device are you trying to use Miracast or Airplay?
Samsung A40, Lenovo W530 with windows 10, sony Xperia TAB Z2, Samsung TAB A

5: Disney+ is not developed by Philips, this issue should be checked with Disney as we are not preloading this app.
I use this app in 12 Gadgets with no problem. And the problem is with the App? Let me tell you when you open the app the second time the system turns it off. You install it again and it works. It seems that the credentials login are discarded…



1: we will check
2: means HDMi issue so we will check
3: you can use APTOIDE to update them
4: Can you show me a video to check how you use Miracast? Also , please note the DRM protected content like Netflix or other don’t work with Wifi Screen mirroring
5: unfortunately yes, if Disneys is not working, it may be because of the Widevine issue.


Did you try to update Smart Youtube from aptoide first? IT NOT update (install Fail -1). Its a scandal what you say, you don’t even try to check reported problems.

I found a new problem, using projector as bluetooth speakers, it lose sound too, with some gaps in the middle.

What is a widevine issue???

Sorry to say this, but PHILIPS behaviour in this problems is very poor. This is an advice to ones who think to buy Philips projector!!! And this is what Philips is sellling: step Papers, not projectors.

now remove the topic or change the content as you have done previously…


Could you please do a factory reset ?
We need to check if the APTOIDE has the permission or not install applications.
Concerning Miracast and the Wi-Fi screen mirroring, what we are explaining is that if you are trying to screen mirror Netflix or DRM protected content platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime… It is not possible to do so, you need an HDMI cable.
Now can we have a chat directly on our Facebook or by Phone so we can help you in real time ? It will be far easier. We need to clearly understand the issue and we need your help to test it in real time. Thanks!


I have done that, and the problems still remains. I’m not trying to screen mirror netflix or other drm protected. I can show you this for you to see maddening this product is. we can do it by skype or whatsapp. can you please send yours?


Hello, there are several issues here that needs to be addressed one by one. UNfortunately we don’t offer Skype or Whatsapp help, but we can do it via Facebook messenger: please go to PhilipsProjection so we can help you there and check issues 1 by 1. Thanks!


I don’t know how to contact you via Facebook messenger. No results for Philips projection!

How can i contact you via facebook messenger.

Hello, you just need to go to and then you can send us private messages :slight_smile:


So i go to:, and in facebook messenger for who i look for? Doesn’t appear anyone with this name: philipsprojection.

No support, and lot of bugs. You are Blocking my posts in social media, you change words, to hide your mistakes and bugs, Screeneo S4 is a Step Paper, don’t sell it, do yourself and the customers a favor…

So I want support, do you want to give support, or not?

Software update is going to happen? When? The costumers don’t desserve this treatment

Hello, we are still checking with our team. We are very sorry for the delay. We are doing our best to make a new update with our China team.

Stop Blá Blá Blá. I have purchased Philips BUG screeneo S4, and i have paid the equipment with my labor. And you sold ilusions and bugs. There is already a new software 1.1.2, i have waited a year for it, and the problems still? Sorry for the delay? Now you close the topics saying already exists?

The new software for screeneo S4, have a lot of bugs, and philips don’t care about customers. So don’t buy this, philips has no shame…

Hello, We are closing topics because those are in doble, we need to keep information all at the same place. We are doing our best to resolve those issues and we will keep you posted. We totally understand your point and took actions internally.

No it wasn’t in doble. There was no topic saying the new software has almost the same bugs.



Philips don’t understand. PHILIPS sold equipment that doesn’t work, and don’t solve the problem.
you understand the situation, but its not you that buyed a equipment that doesn’t work, and don’t have the money…

Hello, the customer care will directly contact you tomorrow.
Best regards,


Customer care, don’t care about customers. One day at home waiting for pick up the equipment, but no one appeared. Philips is kidding with customers. For two days no answers, this is Philips…

Next time i will put all emails and phone calls records, for everyone see what is Philips…

Dear User,

We have followed up with your case closely and been in contact on a daily basis, we will continue to do so in our customer care platform and attempt to resolve your case, further details will be communicated there,

Kind Regards,