It's a shame. Sad true story. Please help

Hi, I’m really upset. After months of long wait, I eventually receive a tracking number (CR071950896DE) on Backerkit on 06.01
Following your instructions, I waited till the tracking gave me some infos and DHL website says “delivered on 05.18”.
I didn’t receive anything so I called DHL to understand what’s going on.
They told me that CR071950896DE is the international shipping number, it becomes an Italian shipping number when it reaches the national DHL. They found the national shipping number (2777648790) and… surprise! The pack has been shipped and delivered on 05.18 to a completely different region in Italy. Frankly, it’s a shame.
Could you please tell me what it’s going on on your side?

Hello Tomaso,

When you go here , click on “All Shipping Updates” and expand the menu. If you check the date, you’ll see that they are reusing tracking numbers (it’s a common issue which was discussed a lot in the forum). I’m also one of those backers with reused tracking number and although I’m in Bulgaria, the site shows it was delivered mid May in Portugal, BUT there is a new status from 31st of May, that the shipping data is given to DHL electronically.
The way it works is that you won’t see any changes to the status until the goods are actually received from DHL. For Europe, the shipping goes through German customs and after they release the parcels, DHL picks them up and then you will see a shipping update.

Not to worry, but make sure to read the News section and follow this thread General info about shipment and manufacturing cause everything is there, just have to scroll a bit and read.