It's being shipped to the wrong address but it's correct in backer kit!

So I received a notification from DHL saying that my package was being shipped from Hong Kong - which is great - but then I noticed it was being shipped to New Haven, Missouri rather than New Haven Connecticut!

I’ve double checked the confirmation email I received from Backer Kit and it has the right address - so is there any way to fix this?

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I’ll look into this. We’ve had another package that was supposed to go to London, Canada eb shipped to London, UK instead.

If only those colonists had been more creative with their naming :laughing:

Thanks for checking it out.


It should not happen though, as we do include the postal codes and country names, the latter ones even being written in Chinese also.
This is a mistake happening at the forwarder or DHL Hong Kong.

I just got an update it’s cleared customs and is in Cincinnati. It’s still going to the wrong New Haven though!

Can you try calling DHL on your end? They should have your number and mail address in their systems, ask them to call you back on the number they have to verify that it’s you.

It’s a massive pain as I’m actually not in the USA anymore and was hoping to pick it up from my friend when I returned - so the phone number I gave is theirs and they can’t verify me. I’m really hoping DHL figure it out and it doesn’t end up in limbo.

Can your friend call?


Phew, I think it’s been redirected now - it says the destination service area is [NORWALK, CT - NEW HAVEN - USA] which is at least the correct state.

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