It's here! - First Impressions and Thoughts

As more and more backers are finally getting their PicoPix Max’s, we’d like them to share their arrival announcements somewhere central instead of littered all over the forum.

Feel free to share and ask anything about the actual first impressions or issues, but if you have a more technical issue I’d suggest you search for an existing thread in the Technical Topics - Philips Projection or one of the other sections, and if you can’t find any, to post a new one.

:package: :tada:

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Its here!!! UK backer #3333


Hey, share your first impressions when you turn it on and play a bit :slight_smile:

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Give us your thoughts :call_me_hand:

I can confirm this projector was completely worth the wait! Working 100% as expected, easy to setup and update. Considering its size, this thing definitely packs a punch in terms of its brightness. Looking forward to testing this at night time in complete darkness.

As for all the other features, auto focus is working perfectly and the remote was easy to pair. Done some basic testing but now I’m off to work ( oh the Joy’s of working in the police :smiley: ).

Will do some more playing later and will remain active on the forum. Hopefully everyone else gets their products soon .

Further note: The one negative I have found is it now makes my TV look tiny!!! :rofl:


About time :wink:

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So we had movie night last night and watched the (new) Lion King on Disney Plus. Having previously connected my Boomer2 speaker I was disappointed to have audio lag but that went away when I connected it with a 3.5mm jack connection. Won’t be bothering with Bluetooth. Also the built in speaker quality is fine (if a little quiet) if you don’t have external speakers but with the fan going full pelt it isn’t that practical without external speakers. Looking forward to the update that will control the fan better.

Have already covered the packaging, out of box experience and the nice little touches like including the remote batteries and the ball gimbal thing with the tripod. The keystone correction and autofocus work really well and I can only assume there is some hogwarts magic in there because otherwise I have no idea how that works.

And then on to the picture quality. An HD movie up there on the lounge wall with super crisp picture and great frame rate - can’t fault the picture in the slightest.

So my feedback so far is this:
Keep improving it with software updates.
Hope the fan improvements work
Would be great if we could tune audio lag somehow so we can use third party devices that don’t sync well.


After backing in the beginning of August, my PicoPix finally arrived at my house in London today! Really hoping this product works now, I’m impressed with the packaging so far! :ok_hand:


I’ve done this with Kodi, which allows you to define the audio sync ahead or behind the image, per video file (it even remembers it). I’m sure there are other apps that do this as well, but it might not be that good an idea to have it system wide as perhaps the lag is dependent on which codec or app is in use. In that case you might have to keep adjusting the lag every single video or app you start. But if you’d still like to see something like that done you can always post it as a suggestion in the Feature Suggestions - Philips Projection category

Oh and you’ll love the fan update!


At least VLC and MX Player should be able to do this. For the proprietary streaming apps (Netflix, Amazon etc.) this is sadly not an option. At least I haven’t seen any options in those apps for anything even remotely this technical.

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that looks awesome

Received my PPM today, first impressions, really good! I struggled to get the cover off the remote (but it seemed to synch without me touching it), I found typing passwords etc infuriating (that’s not the PPM’s fault, doing that with any device, Xbox etc is a pain in the arse). I’ve paired a UEBoom over Bluetooth, worked fine, and also run Apple TV through hdmi with an amp and surround sound. This was the bit I was worried about because of the lack of correction for four corners etc. However the setup I have it worked great. Only downside… the room we’re using it in is south facing, with a lot of natural light, it’s going to be either an autumn / winter or late night spring / summer device for us - but I knew that before purchasing.image


BTW, thanks @Philips_Support_N and @IvoGrijt for your continued patience and support on this thread



For those curious about my UK tracking history here is an image of my tracking timeline, once it started moving it was very quick. Was also delivered the following day after arriving in the UK.

Also here’s a bonus picture of the cat being held hostage whilst we watched some movies tonight :rofl:


I keep a Dell USB keyboard in the living room cabinet just for these moments, on all those devices there.
Just plug any USB keyboard in the back and you can type away!

Glad you like the PPM and thanks for your kind words.


Looks very solid though. Enjoy mate!

Wish I had known this yesterday!!

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Hey Daniel, what size is that?