It's here - "smoke test" and first thoughts

Today I finally got my device - I got the tracking number on April 10, so it took a bit over 3 weeks for it to arrive after that.

Initial thoughts:

  • lost a bit of time trying to do online software update before I read on the forum that the update server is down
  • had to copy the twice because first time around I had formatted the USB drive to ExFAT instead of the required FAT(32). This would have been useful information to have in the offline update instructions
  • after the update was installed (progress bar had completed), the projector picture went away but the projector fan was still running on low speed. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to turn it on, if it was stuck or the update was just taking a very long time. I gave it some 10-15 minutes before I have up and pressed the power button and it turned on and everything seems fine
  • I’ve just taken it for a test drive with my 4-year-old watching some cartoons I’m quite impressed by the auto-focus and the corner correction
  • The AirMote operation feels a bit clunky, it doesn’t feel that well-integrated into the operating system - scrolling is unintuitive and it’s sometimes a bit hard to understand whether you need to double-click somewhere. But it works well enough and certainly on par with many smart TV remotes out there
  • So far the overall quality feels nice - the software after the update) is quite polished but Aptoide and the scary permissions warning you get when you want to install apps is a bit off-putting.
  • The hardware certainly looks and feel very nice but is much heavier than I expected.

Anyway, great product so far and thanks to the entire team that I’m sure have worked very hard to get this product into the hands of backers and customers!



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