Join the beta testers list

Hi backers,

If you’re technically oriented and would like to join our beta testers list, please fill the Google Doc here:

You will then be added to the list and get access to the Beta Lounge section of this forum.

Joining the beta does not change your warranty, but the software may not be stable, and you may be asked to actively help identify and debug any issues, offer feedback etc.

If you’ve already contacted us via the email inbox, please feel free to fill in this form again, it will speed up the process. (Otherwise, we will contact you by email to get your forum username, but it may take a few days due to the large number of emails.)


I clicked on the link the very second I spotted the topic … just to find out I need PPM serial number to apply for beta tester :slight_smile: Oh well, bad news today are one after another after finding out that backers from EU that are in the first big batch a far from my backer ID. Hope this beta testers list is not going to close before I get my PPM.


List will be open for the foreseeable future, till everyone receives their PicoPix.


Also wanted to apply for beta testing (me being also a software developer), but since I live in EU (Berlin) and my contribution id is pretty late (#18313), will have to wait for a while.
Nevertheless, good to know there’s a beta testing program. Hope I won’t forget about it till my PPM will be delivered.

I haven’t received mine, can’t join the beta test this time :kissing:

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I have two PPM’s, so I submitted the form twice with their respective serial numbers.

I would like to beta test, too, but unfortunately my PPM isn’t delivered yet. (Europe, Germany)

Form filled!

Also interested but no PPM yet (Germany).

Hmm Serial# QS1234567890 was rejected :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers from Germany
“I am #1623


Mustermann is not allowed to have a PPM. :joy:
Cool toys are only for real persons </ joke >

Hi. Interested as well (intermediate), but PPM not received yet.

Backer #18264, Belgium

Of course if was, there’s a pattern you have to follow, it’s right there in the Javascript :smiley: (but you’re right that it has to start with “QS”)

Please don’t fill in bogus serial numbers to pass the basic validation of that form! :slight_smile:

Well, we’re eagerly awaiting the actual PPM units so we can input the legit ones! :wink:

Can we put DHL tracking numbers in? :innocent:

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Crap, I have to make one of those up then! :smiley:

P620 is an integral part of the pattern. Now I am wondering if it is the model number for PPM or something like that.

Yes, among other places it’s visible in the FCC ID (as seen on the label on the projector and on the back of the quick start guide) - PPX620

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