Juddering during film play

I just received my Screeneo U4 just this week and have been using it for a couple of days now. Unfortunately, I am experiencing issues every now and then with the image while watching tv of a movie as the image will not run completely fluently. It judders somewhat. Sometimes it disappears when I restart all systems but it will return after several minutes… I use it with an Apple TV. Does anybody know why this is and how I can fix this?

Hello, we made a correction by software update for this issue 4 months ago. Did you proceed to the software update ?
If yes: have you tried to connect another device to the U4 ?
Thanks you

Dear sir/mam,

I haven’t been able to do that as I haven’t found the option to connect my device to my wifi network which is another issue I have. How do I find the menu option to connect to wifi so I can update my device?

Thanks for the information.

there is no wifi, you have to update it manually Philips Screeneo U4 - Ultra Short Throw Projector | Indiegogo