Keyboard for other languages

I would ask for a language setting for input. As a swede, I am used to English menu, and I don’t ask for a Swedish menu, but both onscreen keyboard and a USB-keyboard we need a language setting globally. We need to have a way to use ÅÄÖ åäö for password reasons and during messaging.

Have you tried checking int eh hidden Android menu? I would assume that the included keyboard, I believe the AOSP keyboard, has some settings which might include different language layouts.

There is the option for chinese. But thats all.
Funny enough I could change all menues to Swedish.

Agreement here. I would definitely appreciate keeping all menus in the English language, both in the OS and in apps. I still need any displayed keyboard to include the Swedish characters Å/å, Ä/ä and Ö/ö, preferably in the locations they have for the normal Swedish Qwerty layout.

I remember that for MS Windows on PC, I could occasionally trigger some odd behavior through mismatched combinations of OS UI display language / App UI display language / UI text input language / UI keyboard layout. It could be relevant to test at least some variations of this.

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@PhilipsNono Do You have a comment on this?


I didn’t get any feedback on the keyboard issue.
And to clarify, this concerns both an attached USB-keyboard and the on-screen keyboard. I need Å Ä Ö å ä ö as in AE AA OE…

Hi @CMagnusB you have two options:

  1. install another keyboard from Aptoide or elsewhere.

  2. You can go to the hidden (default) Android settings and then go inside Device Preferences > Keyboard > Android Keyboard (AOSP) Settings. There you can add more languages if you turn off the “Use system languages” option.


As I searched one more after a solution, this time after the upgrade 1.10 (and before I saw Your (@PhilipsEngineering) solution, I came across language setting once more. I thought is was weird that I didn’t saw the Swedish since the language setting was indeed in Swedish. Once I moved the cursor to the list of language and scrolled down (Swedes are used to find the setting Swedish way down the list) I noticed that there was no Swedish, and some how (probably my fault but I blame the airmote) I had English. But no way to change back to Swedish.

The I came back here and saw Your Aptoide option and it worked in a way. I can write ÅÄÖ on the Google Gboard. But still no Swedish.