Kickbooster Screeneo U4

I’ve recently been contacted by a company called Kickbooster asking for shipping information and payment of fees totalling approx €168.00. Can I assume this is a scam mail and I should ignore? Thanks in advance.

Hello there!
As explained in 2 Indiegogo Updates, the Kickbooster platform is used to collect the VAT and the shipping. Don’t worry this is not a scam :slight_smile:

On a different topic with regards to Kickbooster, I have requested for a full refund due to Philips customer service not responding to my queries regarding my order. I have been trying to get someone from the sales team to change my order for more than 3 months without any luck.

I finally manage to get someone from Philips Support after i filed a complaint with Indiegogo. However, after the initial email, in which I requested a full refund, I have not received a follow up regarding my refund.

I would like my refund processed ASAP and move on with my terrible experience with Philips customer service.