Kickbooster Screeneo U4

I’ve recently been contacted by a company called Kickbooster asking for shipping information and payment of fees totalling approx €168.00. Can I assume this is a scam mail and I should ignore? Thanks in advance.

Hello there!
As explained in 2 Indiegogo Updates, the Kickbooster platform is used to collect the VAT and the shipping. Don’t worry this is not a scam :slight_smile:

On a different topic with regards to Kickbooster, I have requested for a full refund due to Philips customer service not responding to my queries regarding my order. I have been trying to get someone from the sales team to change my order for more than 3 months without any luck.

I finally manage to get someone from Philips Support after i filed a complaint with Indiegogo. However, after the initial email, in which I requested a full refund, I have not received a follow up regarding my refund.

I would like my refund processed ASAP and move on with my terrible experience with Philips customer service.


We are very sorry about this. In fact we always answer to everyone. I think our emails goes to spam


on a similar note when shipment will take place? the campaign stated shipping in September but no news so far?


@Philips_Support_N any news?


why is it so difficult to get a respond from support team?

failing to respond, updates, fulfillment and even refund for double deduction.

its a terrible experience, i would like to cancel my order and get a full refund.

Hello, we answer to everyone. But seems a lot of backers doesn’t receive our answer.
We are checking about this with the IT, we don’t know if it is a problem of Zendesk or domain or just spam filter from our backers.

but your team is not responding to our emails

i sent all the correspondences to

Apparently email responses do not get thru, and do not end up in a local spam folder! Has also been waiting for answers…

However i did findout that you can read the answers you get by going to
And do log in there, and there the answer is under my activities :slight_smile:

Maybe you should inform people that sends requests to about it.


Hi Philips Team,

I’m from Hong Kong and I completed the survey also paid the shipping charge in August, but unfortunately I haven’t receive any tracking number or further updates so far. I was send you email many times but no response at all, I’m so disappointed your project updates and handling skills. I believed and trusted Philips so many years, but now you’re losing. For your record, If no one reply me and follow up my case before end of October, I will seek for full refund of this Screeneo U4 project.


hello again,

how’s the check coming up? what is the outcome? are the correspondences still in the spam, junk or trash?

its over 9 days and still no respond to emails.

its outrageous!

I have the same issue. My emails were not replied at all and nothing found in my spam folder. I just want to get the tracking number for my order. Has the shipment in the US started at all?

There seems to be some issues with email replies, i didn`t get some but found out that you can read the replies on another Philips Site, Did you check under My activities on this Site (after login)

Or you can reach it from the community Site like this

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When will you ship the projector? I ordered from Japan.
I haven’t received projector yet.

And how can I check my status in indigogo?
Recently I haven’t got any information from Philips teams.

I sent messages to support team.

They haven’t answered

I’ve had very good responses from the indiegogo support email. It was slow on the first one, but now they are very fast - usually the same day. The inconsistent experience with replies must be frustrating for the users and difficult for Philips to diagnose.

This actually works! Can’t believe there was no pointer to this.

hey @Philips_Support_N I tried reaching out without luck and no answers went to my spambox: it’s weeks I’m told my projectors is in the third batch and it’s being prepared in your warehouse in HongKong. I’m tired of promises and awaiting a product paid 4 months ago.

What is the procedure to stop this never ending preparation and have a full refund?

It’s very telling that they can’t even respond here it’s pathetic