Lack of Philips engineering feedback on forum

Last activity from @Philips_Support_P on the forum is 8/20.

It seems like Philips has completely stopped caring for a month already


Well, they should focus on their actual work which is engineering :slight_smile:
I guess they delegated most work here to others.
And hopefully we’ll see the benefits of that soon with a major update.


What do you know about this major update and what can be shared?

I’m personally looking forward for three issues to be addressed:

  1. Amazon Prime - first video start failing with a HDMI error
  2. Home screen - after fresh start the selected item is not in the tiles with apps (even though the first one looks selected, it is larger) so you have to press the arrow down 4 times until it actually is there.
  3. Amazon Prime - video playback freezes after some time but sound playback keeps working (2h+, not easy to repeat, I’m watching about 2-3h of movies almost every evening and it happens maybe once every 3 days ) which only recoverable by restart (I have done some digging and this seems to bring the machine in a state where any video playback from any application seems to fail; I have tried force-stopping the applications but it does not help). I would like to mention that the Internet connection (and obviously the WiFi) is very stable and when the problem shows I have tried running a speedtest from PPM easily achieving 80Mbps+ with a latency <15ms
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Are we getting a major update? Or the normal update?

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No, I mean hopefully there will be a major update soon. Not that I know it’ll happen :sweat_smile:

To me, the most pressing topics are the issues with 4 corner correction and performance.

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