LAG while casting app from phone (samsung)


Casting from phone :

I have serious lags while casting my phone (not mirroring, but the little tv when you open an app like netflix or youtube) and it’s unwatchable…I’m on a 5Ghz wifi at home so no problem.
Using bult-in apps is lag free but i want to use my phone as a source of streaming…

Someone having the same problem ?

Is this hardware related and there is nothing we can do or can we expect a software enhancement to improve casting from phones?

Mirroring using smartview

I tried also mirroring my phone and well the input lag is horrible…can’t play games.

Any tricks to play phones games smoothly?

Have a great day everyone!


You can try using AirPlay instead of Miracast or Google Cast, by installing the AirServer Connect app on your phone. It’s been known to have better performance in some cases.

Hi thank you for the answer i’ll try that for mirroring.

But what about casting (little screen on the top of some applications like twitch, youtube etc).
When i use that option from my phone, i see the pico max, i connect to it but then stream is very laggy…

I’am connected on a 5Ghz wifi so everything should be normal as i have also a chromecast which is working perfectly with my phone and an old projector… So is this material related (pico max not good enough to use this fonctionality)?

Or can we hope a software upgrade which will fix this problem?


From my understanding, those apps are still using the Google Cast inside PicoPix Max. This is known to have unstable playback because it’s using software decoding. We are working on this.


Thanks for that.

I will not return the pico max and wait for the software fix then.

Hope it will not take to long…

HAve a good day.