Lamp - No Screen + When plugged in it is green? Sorcery?


My PPM has a similar problem to a few I have read and watched.
-Power on, auto keystone working but no projection
-Factory Reset (paper clip) did not help either

I tried the following: Philips PicoPix Max - Lamp not working & Workaround

It would have to be plugged in to work and as soon as you remove the cable it would shut off the projection.
But to my dismay, what has come of it when I plugged it in, it was projecting with a hue of green.
This might be a first but surely some kind of sorcery has happened to this PPM.

So if I may be provided some assistance with a fix it would be great. But in the mean time I will also contact Thanks

Hi @mrlamjo unfortunately this is very likely a defect in the LED lights for red and blue. Please contact our Support for a replacement if it’s still under the 2 year warranty (should be).

Hi @PhilipsEngineering,

Thanks I’ve been in contact with support and just been waiting on a reply for when a Logistics team will be in touch to organise a pick up.