Latest upgrade spoils auto vertical


Guys I had to reset thx to this upgrade but no use.
This upgrade spolit my auto vertical keystone perfect rectangle …
It tilted down from the right .
Engneering instead of upgrading screen saver pls upgrade refresh rate,brightness,vividy instead of spoiling auto vertical keystone which was working fine

If you have a Windows PC you can downgrade to v1.1.03 with the Cable restore procedure
That should solve the keystone.

I also had this problem. I downgraded, did a factroy reset [software update][Factory Reset]
I think not necessary, but just to be sure and then to v1.2.1 and it was good.

Could u explain step by step …03 was great…just took a.look .this is risky

They’ve written it there step by step, I can’t explain it better then that.

Only one thing at procedure number 6 is that they haven’t changed the name of the image file.
(they are using a newer version of the firmware)

The original text is:
6. Now, click the “Firmware” button and select the PPX620-v1101-restore.img file you downloaded.

That should be:
6. Now, click the “Firmware” button and select the PicoPixMax-v1.1.03.img file you downloaded.

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I don’t understand the issue, what do you mean by spoiled the auto vertical keystone? It isn’t working anymore? I’m curious because I haven’t upgraded yet and plan to do this weekend and I think I do use vertical keystone from time to time.

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It skewed my image which used to be fine when placed flat facing the screen area …
Now image from the right is lower from the top as can be seen in this picture .
Also for a bunch of average wallpaper no idea upgrading.

May not happen with everyone…
Will reset and let u know if issue resolved.
I broke my own principle never to upgrade unless facing issues

I’ve got exactly the same problem. But I switched autocorrection off and adjusted it manually for now.
I haven’t tried calibrating it yet since it’s a hassle to unmount the PPMax from how I set it up.but I’ll give it a shot later and let you know.

That’s weird, so in the old version, it looks good and you didn’t move the projector and now you get that?

Did you use 4 corner or manual keystone before?

Never as I keep my projector straight facing the wall. Am going to try a reset nd will let u guys know

Don’t reset it, try recalibrating it instead

Please perform a calibration:

Just did. It doesn’t remember the settings after a restart so I just switched auto keystone off set it to manual correction and this time it remembers the settings after a restart

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I had already reset it and calibrated it (never had to calibrate before )
Anyway image is not as skewed anymore though could be better though apps had to be reloaded again and some like disney are not working now.

Netflix and Amazon prime I loaded versions I could see.

Dear philips engineering …I’m not really satisfied with the pictures settings on my white wall.the colours are not deep and vivid.
Please advise suggestion on what all level do I need to set my brightess,contrast,saturation,sharpness.

Still left side is higher than the right

Hi @macsan0123 these don’t seem to be software issues. In the first picture after recalibration the image looks higher on the left side, in the 2nd pic on the right side. I think you should carefully check where your projector is sitting. It’s common for it to be a few mm higher on one side, or slightly turned to left or right side. Remember that a small variation on the projector will get magnified many times on the wall. If finding the perfect placement is proving challenging, you can always use the 4-/5-corner correction feature.

Regarding picture settings, the defaults, specially in Cinema mode, are tuned for natural colours (rather than artificially Vivid). Actually I personally reduce the saturation even more to 45% for viewing in totally dark rooms.

But of course this is a matter of taste so please feel free to increase the Saturation to your liking. You may also find this post useful:

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Appreciate the quick responses …
My issue was before this upgrade I never had to calibrate .

After this upgrade I had to and I calibrated using the leveller.

Im really not a fan of manual correction.

Anyway I now understood what you are saying .
Though I feel my pico is facing the wall straight ahead I had to slightly tilt it to get the rectangle to look better.
Plus minus some degrees it anyway should give a straight picture don’t u think ?

This was meant to be feedback so that we can make vertical correction perfect .
See if your team can work on it.

By the way is there no working disney in aptoide ?
This one is giving me region issues …

Also isn’t the fan a little louder on normal mode ?

Also any suggestions on picture settings for daytime (curtains shut ) viewing
Any for nightime partial lamplight viewing ?
Any for total darkness ?

By the way what are the default setings ?

Till then I will check advanced settings as suggested too.


Dear philips
After reset (to fix my vertical auto correction issue and skeqed image )i got a non working disney and a Netflix which is different from the one you loaded on this update .
How do I fix this?
Pls advise

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I literally dispair.