Lens is not placed in the centre

Does anyone have the same issue as mine?

Cause it needs to be in the center because of?
:thinking: :man_shrugging:t4:

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Do you experience any image issue or is just an aesthetic problem?

I have no idea if it affects the auto focus
99% of time I have to fine adjust the focus again

Actually I don’t know how autofocus works, if it’s done via distance measurements (hope not) or via closed loop on the image (I saw some “focusing pattern” in some video so I guess is done in that way). If so, a bias on lens position (the lens is mounted closer or more distant from the source) should be corrected in the closed loop (it tries to focus until reached). But if the lens is not aligned with the optics you should have an image distortion and/or an unbalanced focus of the image. That’s my guess, should ask to @PhilipsEngineering for tech stuff :wink:

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Yes I also have autofocus issues with it not working most of not all of the time and the lens is off centre significantly like your picture.

But when you manually focus the image, is all the image in focus? Do you experience any image distortion? May you try projecting a grid (like these) via hdmi placing the ppm perpendicular to the center of the screen (so, avoiding any kind of correction like keystone or 4 corners correction). And tell us the results (all dots/pluses in focus, the corners are not in focus or distorted, so on)

There is no rely at all after submitting the replacement form in Apr.
Very disappointing.

Have you tried as I told you on previous post? If this test doesn’t show any problem, means that the motherboard or al the light engine is out of center with the case and it is only an aesthetic issue. And in this case I wouldn’t go for a replacement (imo). Otherwise it is the lens not in center to the light engine.

I think the autofocus is getting better after updating software.
but I found another issue which was not really ok to live with it.
when the screen is in dark, its like the photo taken, it affects the picture quality…

Mine has done that too after the 1.0.1 update.

Not sure if I can see it during normal playback, but definitely there on dark/no picture screens.

I think that problem has been already reported and (if I’m not wrong @PhilipsEngineering) has been said it is a common issue with the light engine, not due to hw/sw error.