Light engine supplier

In the newest update email sent out y’all stated that y’all were having issues with the texas intruments supplier and with the new cost of the engine. Does this mean phillips plans to work out the price and keep the good quality light engine or are you planning to switch to a cheaper option.
Fingers crossed for keeping the current or even upgrading.

There’s no plan to change to a lower model. If we change it at all it will be to an equal or better model, technology progresses fast. Moving to worse DLP will make the projector obsolete. Also, the internal structure will need complete redesign. So as far as I know the higher cost will be absorbed by us. (But caveat: I’m not the business guy!)

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I don’t understand this poit at all. You knew since months how many units you’ll need and many people had paid, like me, in august or a few weeks later. So you had ordered this parts a long time before and fixed the price, didn’t you?

no martin if you remember this was a product in design they were still trialling parts. the originally planned chipset and lamp were replaced for a better one adding 20% more brightness.


@Martin, crowdfunding has it ups and downs. I know you might feel overwhelmed by the time they have taken to develop and ship this product. I feel the same way. But I knew the risk and after all, this is all part of a crowdfunding campaign. Thanks for being part of this!! Let’s just try to enjoy the ride (:


Martin, the business side of things is more complex than we imagine. I wish it were as simple as just ordering the parts. But the market is dynamic. Availability changes on a daily basis. DLP is a patented TI technology and they hold a monopoly on its supply. In such conditions anything may happen.

Unfortunately specific details on our stock level, ordering schedule, pricing negotiations etc. are confidential information. We cannot discuss them publicly, it’s a sensitive topic.

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Prashant thats fair and i appreciate all of the quick answers from Phillips as of late both good and bad.
However in the event that yall have go to a lower engine will yall notify the community to at least give some us a chance to get a refund.

again I like most are hoping for the best. just figured id ask. Phillips should def keep us posted on this regard as i know alot of us are waiting to hear how this turns out

You mentioned “If we change it at all it will be to an equal or better model”
Better in what sense? Wouldn’t that be unfair to those who have received the PPM already?

@hari_dave reality is that sometimes you cannot get a part you need and in that case you go for a replacement. And that would not be unfair to anyone as long as something is equal or better. Those who have received PPM received what was contributed for, those who potentially got a bit better model can only feel a bit luckier, though I doubt they will notice the difference, specifications for sure will not be much better than the current one.

@Sinisa, If you were to talk about “Luck” in a business presentation, no one would buy your product …lol
We are talking about a multi-billion dollar company here. Some of the issues they are listing should already have been sorted out even before committing to the product.
For example : The glue issue being discussed in other topic. How could they have missed on that. Where was the QC check at that time? Luckily (pun intended ;)) i don’t have that issue with my PPM (so far)

All I wanted to know is if the light engine is going to be a better model, will it be a noticeable difference or not?

@hari_dave no you suggested that it would be unfair from philips to install a better part to some contributors. and you asked that directly in your question. I can read :).

Im not talking about luck in a business presentation.

we will all get a product that we’re supposed to get. due to market situation some of us might get a better light component due to shortages in getting the standard part. so from that part they would be “lucky”. I also said that even then customers would probably not notice a difference because when you get a replacement product you are getting something most similar to the original.

Hi guys, to make it clear, no we have no plans to change the DMD inside the PicoPix Max.


we know that :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarification.
Else would have had to take english lesson for someone here. “Luckily” that was not needed.
“Better” does not mean “Same” or “Similar” :slight_smile:

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