Link PPM and phone keyboard

Is there any app we can use to link PPM and the phone to use the phone keyboard within PPM navigation ?


Try Android TV

But it is not android tv on PPM

For Android phones:

Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse.

It works great and even has AirMouse functionality. I recommend it completely.


Great, thank you for this. Now I just need to find one for the iPhone, …just found one

Now I just have to wait for the PPMax

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I tried it. Not working as it is for pc or Mac.

Thanks for the heads up

Under MacOSs I use typeeto.
You can also paste text from clipboard, but it is tricky.
option + command + v is the shortcut for pasting text over bluetooth.
option + command seems to trigger caps lock on the beamer, so you have to push option + command to activate caps lock before you paste text with option + command + v wich will toggle caps lock and paste the clipboard character by character.